Monday, November 12, 2012

12 ways to Rock the W in 2012

Being a part of the 2012 WattieInk Elite team added a lot of spice to my race season this year. It all started wtih my phone exploding when the team was announced. I instantly had 50 new friends and teammates. I’ve been in the sport a long time achieved many goals and more!…., so being part of a nationwide team with a little extra flare was a new and fun addition to what I already love to do. I did my best to Rock the W in as many ways as I could throughout the year by racing, supporting, chillaxing at the beach/pool, suffering in the hurt box, coaching/ or rehabbing injured athletes.

So now that 2012 is coming to an end, I have to give a huge thanks to all my teammates who were so supportive and encouraging throughout the season. What a fun group, and I was fortunate to meet quite a few on the team, but even those who I didn’t get a chance to meet were so supportive and encouraging. Also a huge thanks to all the sponsors of the team, KSwiss, Blue Seventy, Fuel Belt, Muscle Milk, Challenge Tires and more! And of coure, Betty and her designs that made the kits stand out and rock! All the gear and goods were amazing.

So the 2012 team is in the books, but I still plan to rock the W on the beaches at IM Cozumel cheering on 1 fast husband and many friends, as well as racing in a few 5ks now that I am injury free again.

Until then here is a look back at how I rocked the W in 2012

1. A trip to St. Croix and finished 6th in AG in a monsoon;  and got to meet Wattie Teammate JJ Brandstetter

2. Leon’s Worlds Fastest Triathlon: raced with the young children in the elite wave and met none other than Karin Langer, we rocked Leon’s!

3. Cruised down to Kansas 70.3, qualified for Vegas getting 2nd in my AG on a very hot windy day! And got to meet Aaron Dewald and Desiree Dutt, and my KSWIS KRUZ helped me run myself into 2nd place.

4. Training camp with friends in the Desert to prepare for Vegas; everyone was afraid of the heat, I loved it and thought it was perfect for training

5. chillaxing at the lake

6. Ali Engin,  photo shoot,

7. cheering on my athletes and fast husband

8. Ice bath for injured hip

9. Training for Worlds

10. Vegas World Champs where I got to meet tons of Watties including the Boise Bitches!, my race bad due to injury, but and made it on the LavaMag Vegas highlight video

11. Kona Underpants run, what better way to rock

12. Cyclocross rock

Cheers to a fun 2012 !

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Back……..

I would so give up that extra hour of sleep, for more daylight, but its inevitable…..early sunsets, and dark skies at 4 pm are upon us. At work we were discussing the dread of going to and coming from work in the dark, and were coming up with ways to fight the lack of energy that comes with that.
One girl has a “happy lamp”, one of those UV lights, might be something to consider since weekend trips away are expensive and fake tanning would leave you looking like an old leather basketball, or maybe like these pumpkins all shriveled after too much Halloween.

I was able to spend that extra hour today running….for a whole 60 minutes. I haven’t felt like I was truly back…running until I could do this. That does sound a bit warped. What has happened to perspective that anything short of an hour run is truly running.


This type of thinking might fall under the category of the post I was writing called “perfection”.. which I deleted but will share the definition:

Perfection: freedom from flaw or defect, an exemplification of supreme excellence.

I’ve had to take a step back this fall to catch my breath. In search of perfection in too many things has left me just……tired and less than perfect. I blame it mostly on a new job…which I do love and don’t get me wrong feel very happy with, but learning new computer programs and going in everyday to be a cheerleader to help people get better  (and be good at it) plus still trying to be the best athlete, mom and wife has been enough for me to raise the white flag and take a look around and re prioritze.  Some days I early on I came home feeling like I had done a 6 hr hour workout vs. a 9 hr work day. Adaptation will start to take effect, and in the mean time I have enjoyed going to pub crawls, girls nights in the neighborhood, and  re grouping, and re focusing  about goals for next year. Right now I am happy to be just training for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!