Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Be That Mom

If you listen to the TBC podcasts, you are well aware of an ongoing segment called “Don’t be that Guy”. However recently with back to school and the drama that goes with the drop off/ pick up near the car pool line, my friend Danni Lynn pointed out that we could keep a podcast of our own with “don’t be that mom….” Maybe this should be our own ongoing segment.

DL got the evil stare down for showing up for the drop off on the first day of school wearing her bike kit...

DL and Dana multitasking

I have so been there. In a mad rush to fit it all in and still escape for some sanity of trying to fit in some training around work, house, kids and more....who has time to change, put on make up and cute clothes just to show up and wave good bye to your upper level elementary school child. He still loves me just the same in my bike kit, or with goggle marks around my eyes.

I have gotten that same evil stare dropping Jack at practice in my running clothes, only to take off to fit in a track workout or run. It used to bother me, but now I just so don’t care. I like to swim bike and run and challenge myself to get fit and fast.

>I have shown up to youth football games straight CX races and cheered and supported Jack just fine with a little mud, dirt and sweat still on me.

>Grocery shopped at Jewel still in my bike kit following CX practice because it is conventiently located on the way home from the trail head.

>Taken Jack with me to Otters Cove a few too many times this summer so he could swim and “have fun”, while I fit in a swim workout.
Our last outdoor swim of the summer, and I had to hear, oh not again mom! but then….”its ok, I know you are training for World Champs!” :)

I also:
>Buy store bought chocolate chip cookies instead of making homemade, damn!

>Wear braids or a wet pony tail to save time

>Spend a little more money on Trader Joe’s pre cooked rice, stir fry, grilled chicken etc because it requires the microwave only and not an hour of prep time and it seems like a healthier option. Trust me, I’d love to put on an apron, chop and sautee, and steam and whip it all together all healthy and perfect while sipping on a glass of wine and wearing make up with blown dry hair and a smile on my face…there just isn’t time for that
...or maybe you are like DL and serve "freezer fiesta" at 8pm on a school night after practices are done because you were up at 4:30 to train, then worked all day, and finished just in time to shuttle kids around to practice

> I am constantly asking for help from family,friends or neighbors (i'm sure they are saying she is so that mom!)

>Keeps a set of running clothes in the car ….”just in case”

Yep,I'm pretty sure I'm that mom.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

crunch time.........

First of all, I can’t write this post without talking about a very fun experience Adam and I had being part of a photo shoot with Ali Engin. He has been working to build up his... already amazing portfolio of photos, and asked us to be part of a photo shoot where he could get some different shots/angles he can’t get in races or regular photo shoots.

pretty sure he is tweeting here

I'm laughing at him crawling around at the back edge of the mini van! If you haven’t seen the pics on facebook you can check them out at plus some amazing views of Chicago... He is very talented and I wish him luck at landing some great contracts.

trying not to wind up in Ali's lap

But now its already mid Aug and my Ironman WI athletes are starting to see light at the end of the very looong tunnel of ironman training they’ve been in, my Kona athletes are in the thick of making it count, my kids are squirming because summer ends and school starts this week, and I am stressing because it is 3 weeks until Vegas and my hip bursitis is making micro improvements instead of giant progress like I had hoped. I’m starting to get awful thoughts in my head like maybe I should focus on just getting ready to run the underpants run in Kona (what is that like maybe 1 mile), and just start getting ready for this:

campton cross

but I’m not giving up yet and and doing everything I can to hold onto what run fitness I had and getting this better.

Anti Gravity runinng
Vegas was the race I cared the most about this year, skipped other races for and so Im hanging on that this will keep getting better.

Thankfully biking doesn’t hurt and I have put in some good riding include tough trainer sets and good rides outside.

While in Michigan for AZ’s race at Steelhead, I rode the course on an awesome day with little wind, lots of sun and some great views. This puffy cloud in the distance almost reminded me of the peak of Mt. Hood with snow on if off in the distance.

mt hood wanta be

I chilled on the beach afterwards while the kids played in the water. Lake Michigan seems much prettier over on the other side.

And renting a beach house with friends on the shores of SE Michigan is the way to go if racing Steelhead vs. paying big bucks for slimy hotel.

a few of us weren't racing....

So with all this going on my brain is sizzling, so its easier to tell the story with pictures than with words!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Going For Gold!

I’m not quite an Olympian, but I have loved watching the Olympics and they have given me an extra shot of motivation to my own training. Of course I’m not actually training for gold or even a World Champion title, but I have the dedication and motivation to do the best I can as an Elite AG triathlete who is a physical therapist, mom, TBC coach, wife to an Ironman who responds best to large volume (and yes Kona training for that certain someone has officially begun).

Some days my gold medal achievements are as simple as:

1. Showing up to work looking somewhat professional after squeezing in as many laps as I can before needing to dry off and head to work

quick change!

2. Actually completeing all the workouts scheduled for the week

3. On the most insane day, coming up with the best way to actually get the workout done (have had to resort to the trainer lately)

sweat fest in the garage

4. Figuring out new technology on my own! I now happily use a Garmin 500 on the vs power tap thanks to AZ and Bike Shop GE!

5. Remembering Wednesday is trash day and Friday is Oberweis milk day

6. Getting Jack to and from where he needs to be when I am work/ so read for school to start!

7. Practicing what I preach every day at work. Stretch and strengthen. I have returned to the personal trainer who has no mercy and doesn't care that I might have already worked out 3-4 hrs that day.

Like any Olympian there is usually some drama and/or injury, but even as an age grouper the desire and motivation can be so strong you ignore the signs and keep pushing (even when you know better). I have had a nagging sore hip that I rested, skipped Racine for and it improved….but just enough for me to run hard on a couple more weeks and really jack it up good. Dumb ass….. Now I have a good case of hip bursitis and have to rest it running, take drugs, and swim more! See even the smartest who knows what to do can suffer from the same brainlessness when it comes to training and racing. Luckily biking and swimming don't bother it, so I have been getting in some good time in the pool and saddle. Its scary to not be running, but being smart now, hopefully it will come around and give me a couple good weeks to run.

Some shots of my recent Olympic training venues!

Best hill for repeats close to home

taking a breather

this might have been the one that put my hip over the edge

4 weeks until Vegas, Time to Rock!