Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pet Peeves

I am a very easy going person and not too much sets me off. It is rare that you would see me "lose it" especially in public. It does happen, Adam can vouch for that as he is sometimes the recipient of my ranting. Last week I hit 25 hrs of training, the most I've ever done. So, my tolerance to those little annoying things is gone. Is is just me in my fatigued, and tired of my self state or are these things that can set you off.

1. Having to wear gloves, booties, tights to work out when it is nearly June. We've been over this before.(repeatedly this year) Summer is so short here in the first place. We're getting jipped this year.

2. Sharing the pool with the water aerobics class (floaters). One day this week they took up the majority of the pool and threw the lane line over into one of only 2 open lanes left that the swimmers were using in order to make it stay out of their way. I threw it back.

3. Going to a run race and standing next to someone with B. O. I only notice this at run races. Seriously take a shower and wash your clothes, use deodorant, and wear something newer than a race t-shirt from 1985.

4. Emptying the trash and having left over diet coke in the can spill all over you and the floor.

5. Enjoying the public parks in one of the tri-cities with the kids ( I won't name call), only to discover there is no public restroom. Come on, I'm trying to stay hydrated here, and no public bathrooms?

6. Paying the property tax for Elburn. Its ugly, thats all I'm going to say.

7. When someone is tailgating you in a parking lot, and you're trying to find a place to park. Are you really in that much of a hurry? pick a different aisle then.

8. My hair during IM training. Its fried. Is it from too much chlorine, sweat and being in a pony tail wet that causes this?

Normally I can look past these things, but this week I was extra aware of life's tiny annoyances....on the brighter side:

1. I saw some of the Batavia Criterium this weekend, very cool to see how fast those guys can ride, especially around corners and in a pack!

2. 5 hr rides make 3 hr rides seem easy now

3. We had 1 day above 70 degrees!

4. The peony plants my mom and I put in last summer are about ready to bloom. They are so cool.

5. Watching the kids run through the sprinkler on the warm day! I almost joined in with them!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Be An 11! Quote of the Day 05.22.2008

Catch the Fever Be An 11! BELIEVER!

You can always get better!

You can never get there. It’s a journey with no arrival.

And that’s the beauty of it-that you can always become better the next day.

It’s pretty cool to think about it in that sense.

Tomorrow I will be a better player than I was today.

Tiger Woods

Wow, even Tiger Woods thinks he can get better! I think this quote is great and summarizes the way a lot of triathletes think. Have you ever done a race, it went great, things came together, took some time off a split, maybe even PR'd, yet...you could still say, "Yea, it was a great race, but I was off on my swim, or, I had heavy legs on the bike..etc etc, or, I know I can go faster." This is the attitude that keeps you going, and fuels the desire to push yourself to get better. It gets you out the door in the early a.m for a run, holds your hand and pulls you onto the trainer in the basement all winter, forces you into the weight room, helps you overcome the guilt of missing time with your family (this is a hard one!).

Triathletes are generally overachievers. You almost have to be to get the training done on top of work, and family obligations. My work friends look at me in amazement when I put on running clothes to go for a run at lunch, questioning why I would do this. But its because I know and want to get better. At 40, and who knows how many years I've been doing this sport(afraid to count), I still know I can be better. Im doing IM USA this year and haven't raced an IM for a lot of years. In fact last one I did I really didn't have a coach, so I know I can do better. I've been thinking about Tiger's quote a lot this week because I am working my way through a HUGE training week, more hours than I have ever done or even thought I could handle. Adam is a great coach and always has a way of getting you to do things you never though you could. I'm doing workouts and things I never would have dreamed I'd be doing. At the end of this big week I still have ahead of me an "Ironman simulation day" (you can only imagine), and a 10 mile run race on wasted legs.

So, if Tiger thinks he has room for improvement, I know I do, and so does everyone else. Just dedicate yourself to doing what you know you need to do to get better. Is that, showing up to masters, not skipping workouts, eating fewer cookies, or....resting when supposed to.

Train Safe.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I didn't see Elvis this year? Maybe it was too cold?...(only low 80s, chilly compared to most years I've raced there). To me, it was heaven, warm and sunny! Maybe Elvis was still in FL (panama city to be exact which is where this picture was actually taken.)

Memphis is always a fun race. It has to be to be worth the 8 hr 1 way drive. Every year we say,....this drive is too much, but we love the race and this year especially the warmth so it is worth the "road trip" adventure. This year was no exception. Definitiely an adventure! The south is always full of funny suprises, a much different way of life, just in no hurry. We experienced this checking into hotel, eating out, etc. I consider myself pretty easy going person,and really don't like to rush, but even I was like come on already. It truly makes me realize we are full speed ago up here in the north. (is it because we're so cold all the time?)

Race Day was perfect. It was pretty windy, actually I don't ever remember having wind in memphis, but there was this year. With all the "wind "training I've been doing it didn't seem that bad. I had a great warm up and was feeling good excited to race for the first time this year. I had a great swim. I have a new wet suit...the new 2XU super fast super cool suit. Best yet, it comes on and off like so fast! I hadn't practiced transitons like I should, I have been IM training and that doesn't leave much extra time, however it comes back like riding a bike. I have practiced these a lot over the years and have raced a lot so it came back quick. I had no issues, was out quick on my bike. This was my first race with power. I have an SRM (thank you thank you) so I could watch my watts which was helpful into the windy sections. Because it was OLY distance, really you just go hard, just put your head done and go. So, Adam said just keep the watts in this range which I did. I had a great ride, and felt fast. I was happy because I had close to my fastest bike split on a windy day. The run was tough, it is always a tough run there. I think it just seems like you should be going faster, but it is rolling. I felt decent on the run but couldn't get the true 10k pace going, I was stuck with my long distance training legs. Memphis has to be one of the best finishes running on the grassy dam to finish. But I didn't see Elvis. Maybe I missed him, or he came later because we bolted fast to get on the road home. No rest for me though. Blackwater is next and isn't far away. Those first few workouts the day after a race...never really fun. It hurts and feels awful. However, it does help you to RECOVER faster if you do something!!!! I always give my athletes some type of workout to do the day after a race. Sometimes it is the hardest workout to get yourself to go do...but it help limit the stiffness and soreness.

Congratulations to everyone who raced Memphis and all the Galena. Also congratulations to Carmen and John C. They have PR'd in their last 2 run races at 1/2 marathon and 5k distances. They have been diligent about my harping on strength, core work, and form!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Wild Ride

Yes, I am still here! This time of year gets so busy. I have been on one wild ride lately, that doesn't seem to end.... like those long IM training rides I have been doing. AFter Vegas, I went to Los Angeles with Adam for some TBC stuff, and while there had the chance to meet Chris McCormack. Now that is wild! hanging out in a coffe shop with the current IM World Champ. Really? It seems when I travel it takes so long to catch back up at home and these trips have been streaming together. It makes life...wild at home, but with how awful the weather has stayed I guess Im glad for the chance to escape and am getting used to 1/2 packed bags laying around. Now we're getting ready to head to Memphis. We are heading south so yea,,,,warmer weather and my first race of this year! Memphis is always a good time, even though I have been IM training, I am looking forward to racing fast, in some heat.

Speaking of wild rides, my "easy ride" on Tuesday. Heading north, I was literally going 16 mph....not pedaling!!! (maybe a little too easy), then heading home, trying to spin going 9 mph and putting out watts at threshold! The wind. MY goodness, mother nature has it out for us this year. The police I passed were probably ready to arrest me for being crazy to ride in that wind. What I've found, I'd much rather have headwind than cross wind. If the cross wind can shake my SUV at a stoplight, you can bet, I'm getting blown accross the road. It finally just became funny to me.

After lots of big training I was so ready for some rest. I had a great massage from Becky Sanford. I highly recommend her. She gives MSM members a discount and isn't afraid to dig where its tight. Rest and recovery is important to training. Some athletes find it difficult to take the rest/ days or periods, but really that is your body's way to adapt to all the hard work you've put it through. I was interviewd by TBC's David Warden from Tri-talk, which was made into a podcast. The discussion was ways to help recover, injury prevention etc. We talked about ice baths (i love / hate them, but they are very effective), massage, muscle imablances etc. You can find it on i-tunes...I think under triathlon.

Good luck to all, there is a lot of racing going on with Memphis Galena, and 5ks.
Go Wild!

Friday, May 9, 2008

In the spirit of MOM

This is my Mom. She is the best mom ever. She was always there for us (I have 3 younger brothers)growing up. She'd be there for us when we were outside playing, helping us with homework, telling us to turn off the lights when we leave the room, put away our clothes, and of course at our sporting events (all 4 us were always playing something). She was able to keep food in the house and milk in the fridge and with 3 growing boys playing sports that was no easy task. She is loving and sensitive, yet strict at the same time. No faking sickness to stay home from school. My mom is competitive ( which is where I think I get it from). This Im sure is what helped me get accepted to PT school at Northwestern, race triathlons and Ironmans and get to Worlds. Mom is adventurous. In fact, just this spring she swam with the dolphins in Hawaii. Growing up I used to say..."when I am a Mom, I'll never do/ say things she did like turn out the lights, put your clothes away. Ha, to this day I find myself telling Jack or Adam to turn the lights out when they leave the room!, or " am I the only one who can put the dishes in the dishwasher", and best of all, "can you put your shoes away?"

She has definitely set the standards high. I have been a Mom for just 5 years. It is a tough job, but I love it. I find myself trying to be the Mom she is....in addition to working, coaching and training umteen hours a week. Come on...I can do it all right? Somehow keeping milk in the fridge is a tough one though. The clothes get clean, but not always put away. There is more dog hair than I like floating around and we eat out more than we should. It is crazy balancing it all, most moms don't train for triathlons, or Ironman. That alone is as much as some people work, or spend decorating their house or shopping. I may not be a traditional Mom, but hope to set great example of a healthy lifestyle, goal setting and balancing a career. In the end I will say being a Mom is my favorite.

Happy Mothers Day

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Become one

Thanks to Chris at the Bike Shop for helping me perfect my bike fit on my Orbea TT bike. After finally getting to do some decent amount of riding outside on this bike without a million layers on, I decided I needed some perfecting and tweaking of my bike position, as I have been having "saddle issues". I won't go into detail, but there is nothing worse than not sitting on the saddle in the right spot, especially when doing long rides. I have been feeling strong with my bike training and don't' need an annoying issue to get in the way. That will only make a long ride, even longer. I am frequently asked how can you sit on such a small bike, and skinny seat, for so long. Well, if you are fit properly, you should be able to do it without discomfort.
A proper bike fit will provide allow you to be powerful, aerodynamic, and can prevent injury, oh and go FASTer. You waste energy sitting up or sitting off to the side. A seat height just millimeters too high,or too low, can wreak havoc on knees, hamstrings, or even achilles, especially if you plan to get off and run. Being too stretched out, or jammed up can cause neck or shoulder problems, and more knee injuries. If you are uncomfortable or have pain, go get yourself looked at, something is not right. Trust me, biking and training is more fun than winding up coming to see me in physical therapy. Figure out how to "become one with your bike"

My Ironman specific training is starting to pick up, which means "I need to become one with my bike" (these is actually the words of my friend Sue Welker) We used to say that all the time during prior Ironman training years. It means serious bonding time with the bike:) I promise to be nice to my bike, keep it clean and working well, wipe the Infinit, gels, and dried worms off if it allows me to go fast, stay comfy for hours, and ...yea keep going fast.

Congratulations to Teri K. for running her 1/2 marathon race coming off of her foot surgery this winter, and Hooray to Megan M. who made it the whole way didn't get dropped on group ride Tues night with the guys.....you go girls! :) Its so fun seeing you get faster!