Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A year of Being Betty

I can't believe its already been 1 year of being a Betty! and, I recently had the chance to test out this badass Betty Designs skinsuit during Campton Cross.  The kit is of course amazing to race in and what a fun, way to race and get fierce in the dirt! It fit like a glove, was warm, helped me go fast on one of my favorite CCC courses! I'll be bringing it with me this weekend to 3 days of hard core dirty racing at Jingle Cross!
Campton Crossed
Ugly race face/ badass kit to help you go fast
(photo: Jayloo Photography)

And what a wild year of adventures its been being a Betty in 2014! My year of being a Betty started off at with me at the lowest I've ever been, but is ending 100% better than I could have imagined a year ago. What a wild year of crawling out of ugly place,  to smiling racing and training some again and having a lot of fun along the way. At first, many  days I cried and walked home, but then more days came where I got stronger and faster and finished running with an enormous smile on my face.  

My mission for the year became to focus on myself and my 11 year old son, try to be #badassandbeautiful just getting through the day a normal day and do as many different and new adventures as I could along the way  I began to train some again got fit and raced a little.   

I was a Betty at the Get Lucky 7k in March in Grant Park Chicago
Get Lucky! 7k 

I was a Betty running on the 50 yard line to finish the Soldier Field 10 miler in May
Betty Finish on the 50

I was a Betty winning my age group at the local Batavia triathlon
Batavia Tri, 1st AG

I was a Betty at the Magnificent mile in downtown Chicago getting 2nd in my Age group at the Fleet Feet Women's 1/2 marathon in August. 
Betty runs the Mag Mile

I was a Betty at the Trek Cup cyclocross race starting on the line with the pros
Betty at the back of the pro field Trek Cup CX

Even though I didn't race as originally planned I had many amazing opportunities to be a  Betty with other adventures throughout the year that would never have happened otherwise. 

I was a Betty on a boat on Lake Michigan on the 4th of July sporting the new Brazilian bikini
Betty at the "playground" Lake Michigan

I was a Betty stand up paddle boarding in August
Betty Paddles

I was a Betty working the marathon expo my clinic sponsors talking to runners about staying injury free
Betty talking running

I was a Betty on the sidelines at football games 
Betty on the sidelines

I was a Betty sporting my badass kit finishing a ride and running into the grocery store for last minute food for dinner

Betty post ride

And I'm a Betty at the end of the day with my feet finally up!

 A year later, I am standing on my own, am strong and motivated to keep climbing to top of a big mountain.  I keep moving forward as a single mom, professional, and sometimes an athlete.   I am finishing up the year racing a lot of cyclocross, and trying to stay warm on the bike and still go fast.