Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just good stuff!

Just a random sample of all the good stuff that's been going on!

**First, a very big congratulations to my athletes who raced at Chicago this weekend! John C. broke 2:45, Kristi R. and Joe B. also both PR'd ! Great work and what a beautiful day to race, I wish I had been racing. Great job to all who have been working hard all year!

**Jack started kindegarten and is loving it. It is a fun next step but wow has time flown by. It seems like not long ago I was pushing the baby jogger, and now he can cruise fast on his bike and participate in the Multisportmadness kids team practice every now and then! What a change! sniff sniff!

**Training is going great for me. I have been getting some great workouts in in the pool, (thanks to dragging my butt to masters), biking hard, and definitely, finally, on the run. I have been so diligent about doing my core/ strength/ stability and stretching. I have to say it hasn't only helped my leg, but I feel stronger and more balanced swimming, even on the bike (not sitting off to the side), and can keep good posture running. It is amazing practicing what you preach every day! I will be ready for Nationals Sept 20. This is a tough hilly course, but I love it and can't wait to race it again.

**When my clients at work/ get better! This week discharged a guy who had been with me for months. The reward of my job is seeing someone walk out of the clinic normally, when they started leg in brace, on crutches and in extreme pain. Its a good feeling knowing you helped them get their day to day life back.

The moon and stars must be aligned just right because all is good. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday my training venue was Johnson's Mound Forest preserve for some hill repeats. This is home of one of the largest hills in the area right here in Elburn. A whopping 750 ft elevation! Yea whatever, it is still a hill. It is the best sled hill in the winter and lots good hill repeat workouts of all sorts and types over the past few years. Luckily my recovering hip is happier doing hard efforts on hills vs. flats where you stride out more. The workouts are always tough there but I love running there where there are no cars, and very few people. Its sort of like being in the mountains? (not quite but I pretend) Driving up there I actually saw some red and yellow leaves on a few of the trees. Can that be so? Already? I love this time of year late summer and early fall; but already?

Here are some sure signs summer is coming to an end:

1. Being stopped by school buses on the way to work

2. Having to turn the lights on earlier in the evening

3. Chicago Accenture Triathlon is this weekend. Back in my early days of triathlon that used to always be my last race and I would actually take significant down time afterwards.

4. Halloween stuff and scarecrows in the stores. Now I love fall and its probably when I get into the "home stuff" the most but........really already. For sure one of our neighbors will have the scarecrows and hay bales on the porch Sept. 1

5. A bit more stiff and achy in the mornings getting out of bed... a sure sign of late triathlon season!

6. The corn fields are very tall and smellier.

7. The butterflies are out and yes....and I've started seeing the caterpillars and grasshoppers out crossing the roads when i'm out riding

8. Clients are thinking about next year's races and goals (thats a good thing :)

9. Jack starts kindergarten on Monday.

10. The closets and cupboards have gotten completely out of control. They need my desperate attention once tri season ends

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Survival Mode

I am in survival mode this week. Adam is gone to Boulder to train with the big boys, so I am flying solo, working 30 hrs still trying to train, and rehab a sore hip and trying train like an Olympian :).( I can try anyway, its hard not to be inspired by all the great displays of athletism on right now)

I've been in survival mode in races; that point where you are just hanging on. Survival can be you are hammering with all you've and hanging on to all you've got to keep your pace, hold off that competitior until the finish, or sometimes it means, hanging by a thread just to finish (Blackwater this year, ick). You are done physically and mentally but there is still a ways to go until the finish line. I have experienced both so far this week. Its mid week and feels like it should be Fri.

So I am just hanging on to get it all done. This is that point where laundry piles up, dishes pile up (yuck). Getting up early trying to get workouts done before work and Jack wakes up (although its been tough because I have been staying up too glued to Olympics), resorting to the trainer when its gorgeaous out, squeezing in runs on lunch hour, putting stim on the hip during any free time at work. I think all Moms become masters at multi-tasking. Especially ones who are triathletes. Sometimes I don't know which is harder, the actual workout, or figuring out how I will get the workouts done. It would be too easy to say, I am too busy I can't do this today, no I have been getting it done. Its times like this I chose quality over quantity any day ! I want to be ready for Nationals so not doing workouts isn't an option, and not doing rehab, isn't an option. Some days just doing the workouts are the easy part when you're in survival mode.

In true multi- tasking fashion Becky our massage therapist makes house calls, and is coming over tonight, and I won't even have to miss any of the Olympics. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

**Amazing Olympics**

I love the Olympics. I love seeing athletes compete at their best and hearing the stories about their training, and competition, defying odds and overcoming obstacles and find myself watching sports I normally wouldn't care much about, but the theme is just the same. These athletes have given all they've got to make it to the olympics no matter what the sport. I admit I am a sucker for those inspirational stories.

Of course I love watching the swimmers, runners and triathlon.

Dara Torres is truly inspiring. Being 40 myself and still competing (I am not going down easy!!)I think she is amazing. Last night I saw an interview with her and they were showing some of her training..holy core stability workouts, OMG. Needless to say, I found myself getting out my physio ball and started doing some more crunches and planks. And, I will be glued to track and field when it comes on. I love watching the runners and at all distances but especially the mile, 5000 and 10,000. I look forward to watching Shalane Flannagan and Kara Goucher run. I was in awe watching them run at the trials in Eugene OR. They run blazing fast and make it look effortless.

But yesterday I did watch women's volleyball, and some beach volleyball. Growing up, I was the team sport chick. I played volleyball, basketball and track through high school and then played college volleyball all before learning how to swim bike and run. In college we played sand ball in pre-season to get in shape for the indoor court. Some of the sorest legs I have ever had were from pre-season sand ball. Lunges and jumping in the sand for a couple hours is brutal. There was a day I had a very high jump reach. Being only 5'6" my volleyball days didn't last long after college. I think the US women's team has a girl who is 6'7"!! Team sports are great and it was fun having team mates to push each other and work together with towards a goal. What I didn't like about team sports was that if someone was having an off day, or didn't care as much as you, or have the same work ethic as you....the whole team could suffer. What I love about triathlon and what has kept me in the sport since about 1990 is that (oh my is that right?) is that your success or failures are a result of you alone. A great season, or race is due to the work you've done yourself, and you can always come back for more.

Happy Training!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving on>>

I have been so busy since coming home from Michigan, plus our crazy late summer storm killed our internet for a day that I am way past giving an update.

I was unable to finish the race because of what I thought was a pulled hamstring, but as I've been doing therapy it is from a pinched nerve in my hip/back.

Race morning at Steelhead was beautiful but we quickly noticed that it was windy and cooler (nice cool like normal perfect temps). But the water was wicked, very choppy, but whatever I was ready to swim. My swimming has not been where it usually is this year, for the simple fact I do not swim enough, or with masters enough. ( I miss Waves!) but even so, I did not want them to cancel the swim. No swim would totally change the dynamics of the race.

As it turned out no swim and a 2 mile first run. I think it should have been more like 4 miles to spread the field out more, but I am sure they just wanted to get everyone out on their bikes. The first 2 miles consisted of running through a wooded park up a big hill and back down, then past the 2000 people waiting for their turn to run and as we rounded a turn we hit sand and ran through a sand dune before entering transition. I ran hard and strong and Adam said I was only 30 sec back from the lead girls. The bike seemed tough, it was windy and the roads were crappy, but I was riding strong, catching girls and no one from our age group catching me. Until about 10 -15 miles to go, when my hamstring started protesting being in aero positon. The rest of the story is not worth sharing. Mentally I have moved on from this, and am focusing on getting this better. (maybe this is forced motivation to get my butt to the pool more since I can't run as much right now)

Luckily I work in a PT clinic and have been doing therapy every day and thanks to Dave my boss he has mobilized my hip and SI joint into place taking the pressure off the nerve. It was like a vice grip let go on my leg. So thankfully it is getting better because I am still planning on racing at Nationals Sept 20. Thanks also to Carmen for making her special homeopathic massage oil for me !!!

Once cool thing though, check out this link from Ironman.com They decided to show the 40 yr old women starting the race!!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Southern Michigan Road Trip

The Be An 11! Quote of the Day 07.01.2008

Catch the Fever Be An 11! BELIEVER!

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
Brian Tracy

I thought this was an appropriate quote as I load up to roll on out to Southern
Michigan for the Steelhead 70.3. I laughed because it is a furnace out there. It is going to be smokin hot, but I've been through all kinds of weather this year racing, so I'm ready for anything mother nature sends our way!

Do something to bring you closer to your goals today!