Tuesday, October 8, 2013


sunset on the Pacific/ i love 

I'll be leaving again soon for a trip across the Pacific to Kona, for the 7th time. (pretty sure its , but kind of lost count). I could co-author a second book called; "Survival guide to being #1 Fan in Kona during the Ironman World Championships" Every year there has been a different experience with different athletes and /or friends racing, or coming to also spectate. I particularly love my role of  being DONE with triathlon,  gels,  anything aero, and well into the start of cyclocross season. I've been there at least 7 x, maybe more and never raced. There was a time prior to Jack, I wanted to do it...he is 10 now.  As far as training goes, that week I manage to fit in some decent runs, find my goggles for the first time in weeks ( i saw my swim bag yesterday, it looked lonely) , stand up paddle, and maybe bike 1 x on the Queen K race day sprinting between mile markers cheering or AZ.  

Every year:

-I like to SUP and chase the dolphins on the board

-I swim in the waves and see the Honu

-run on Alii drive

-enjoy fabulous coffee every day, then dream about it the rest of the year

- cook the pre race dinner, tuck AZ into bed, go to TGNIR (thank God I'm not racing)  with whoever will go with me

I tend to look at my phone a lot

-Adam says sleep in, don't come to the swim and just watch the start of the bike, but the start of the race and the swim and race is one of the most exciting parts of the day

-my phone blows apart and nearly dies, this year I have a plan

-I get more nervous than my own races

This year:

-I'll be the one on the beach with cuts scrapes and bruises from 2 hard fought CX races. I have to stop getting taken down early in the race and then chasing down as many as I can. Although it has been good for motivation and putting out a massive effort to catch as many as possible only to finish mid pack which I don't like.  I am embarrassed to say how sore I am right now sitting here from a 45 min race yesterday.

-I'd like to have one of these drinks while waiting for the bikers to come in

-I get to cheer on my athlete Sara Arnold, she is a mom of 4 and and amazes me every day how hard she worked to get here!
Sara and I at the Hualalai one year. Who knew what was brewing!

-I have 2 Zuccos to cheer for; Pappa Joel is racing as a Legend!

With the end of the triathlon season and start of the CX season are some exciting changes for me. For cyclocross 2013/14, I am excited to be racing with PSIMET. I have always admired the support they give to women's cycling and am excited to be part of such a strong local women's CX team! 

 More on 2014 triathlon to come, but a fun sneak peak involves skulls and butterflies and some very HOT racing, training, and active gear and a whole bunch of very cool athletes.