Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some Training, Some Racing and ....Summer is Fun!!

The official start to summer isn't for a couple more days, but I have already been enjoying all fun that comes with summertime.  A little training, a little racing, and a little more summer fun than what was normal. Winter/summer ratio in Chicago isn't equal.  We had what seems like 8 months of winter hell, and summer is so short in Chicago that I plan to make the most of it this year.  I have already spent more time in my back yard and patio than past summers and I must say it is looking pretty amazing (well, Jose and his crew along with Mr. TruGreen help me a ton).  
This happened

 Although as of writing this the plants might be drowning because more of this rolled in. 
Weird Sky

There have already been multiple fire pit parties, including 1 in particular that really helped put say good bye to the polar vortex, and kick off summer. 

Just some of the fun  at the fire pit party

I am managing to train some but compared to other years it is practically nothing. I could almost, (not quite....but its close) fall into the weekend warrior category!  Thanks to Jenny she writes a great week of workouts and I manage to get most of it done. I even did a threshold test on my bike a couple weeks ago and wasn't too disappointed with the results. The other day I was out riding, and was short on time so i just rode harder to get the most out of it.   I have been on my TT bike but really only because its the one with power. I have been on my cross bike on the trails for recovery which gets me VERY excited for cross season. Running is probably going the best. I have been on the track, the trails and lots of miles from the house. The only big race on the schedule is still the Portland Marathon in October, so I have a feeling the run miles will start to increase. I still go to Mark my strength guy who kicks my rear and keeps me strong. I love this workout each week it makes me strong inside and out! Last week I pushed the sled with 165# on it back and forth across the gym a bunch of times! It was so hard, I tasted blood!

Since solider field, I have only raced our very local little Batavia Triathlon. It is in my back yard, I have never done this local race. I was mad and pouting that I couldn't go do the Tour of Galena bike race weekend thanks to an extended lacrosse season, so I signed up.  Its pretty much a sprint, and since thats the about my equivalent of training it was perfect, LOL. I was digging stuff out of my transition bag that hadn't been touched since Vegas 70.3 and trying to put easy laces in my shoes last minute and …put on the race wheels but forgot the Trek needs the brakes adjusted so the race wheels can roll smooth and fast!  I don't know how to do this.  Ooops.   So I raced anyway with the training wheels, who cares its Batavia Tri.  It was a fun race and very well organized and it was fun to go race hard and I was happy to see that some fitness is coming back.   My friend Kristen Wade kicked all our butts including the young children who are fast!
Betty on the Run
AG win

I plan to race more this summer, just not sure what else. Im having fun being random!  Oh yea, except I did sign up for my first  Xterra! and can't wait to give this a try. It should be a blast as long as I don't kill myself trying to go fast on crazy terrain!

There has already many grill-fests and eating dinner out on the patio, 

falling asleep in the sun on my lawn chair, and sleeping with the windows open.  I love summer when I can wear fun, sassy sandles,  tank tops and not need a coat, layers or freeze. I have been out on many very fun girls nights with my amazing friends. 

 I also spent a very fun random Sunday afternoon hanging out here. Fun!

And, Summer is just getting started!  I  have some very fun trips and adventures planned….some involve training, some racing and some just fun!