Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Laughing, Hurting, and Loving Cyclocross

Summer is gone, but I'm not pouting about it much anymore because there has been a whole lot of good stuff to laugh and smile about, and push until it hurts lately …….. just some of which includes: 

1. Jack's cast is off and he will be able to resume sports next week, and I won't have to squeeze in a every other week Dr. visit.  Jack has continued to participate in as much football conditioning as he can practice as he can with hopes he can get some playing time in the last 
1 -2 games
KYFL was announced at Varsity game

2. Even though its cooled off quicker than most falls, I have my Betty Designs Capri tights to keep me warm and motivate me to get out the door when its barely light outside! on some mondays I can barely run thanks to a great weekend of CX racing, later in the week I am running faster than I would have ever imagined.  I need to squeeze in a running race!  Some in the CX world would say don't run, those in the running world would say, too much biking will slow you down, right now in my world of both its working!
Betty on early morning runs!

3. So many fun girls nights out with my amazing friends!   random drinks on the patio, when timing is everything, or big nights out to Zac Brown Band at Wrigley Field.  
Zac Brown Band at Wrigley Field with my BFFS
Random reunion with my Nashville besties!

3. Cyclocross every weekend!

I didn't race much this summer and it was really quite awesome.  I think I left some of my best efforts this summer out on my training workouts. But thats ok, because now cyclocross is here and its been a whole lot of painful, fun, sweaty,  and dirty fun !  

 I started the true CX season with nothing other than probably one of the biggest locally, TREK CUP! Why not jump in to the first race I do all season against some of the best in the world. Its humbling nerve racking, and a complete rush to start on the line (but way far back) with the top girls on the US pro circuit. It was an amazing 2 days of racing to start the season. I walked away sore tired and smiling. 
starting in the back of women's' Pro race
photo credit: Kevin Sparrow

CCC#1 Caldwell Woods
 The first race of our super competitive local Chicago Cross Cup (CCC) was at a new venue Caldwell woods. It was 80 degrees,  and I loved it because there was a tough run up and a few hills. My fast PSIMET team rocked the first race, I believe we had 5 or so  in the top 10 overall women's 1,2, 3's to include Kelli, the overall winner!!! 

CCC#2  Hopkins Park
 I loved this race this year for a number of reasons, but partly because I finally had a good race here. In the past I have had some bad luck with either getting a flat, and last year being taken out at the start and basically starting the race in last place. This year, I had a good start ( for me), and a good race. It was so much cooler than the week before, I finally broke out my new PSIMET cross suit and it was perfect!  
i've been practicing my starts
photo (Jason L. Ward)
this either helps or hurts my running

After 2 CCC races I am in 8th place. But unlike every other year where I race in the CCC as much as possible to fight and claw my way as high as I can in the series, I am not focusing on that this year and going to step out and do some other big races with other competition and other courses.  Kind of crazy because this is the best start to the CCC  I've had since I kissed triathlon goodbye,  but I'm so excited to try some other races like Gateway Cup, Jingle Cross and this coming weekend very excited to being trying CX Colorado style at Cross of the North! #smiling