Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just good stuff!

Just a random sample of all the good stuff that's been going on!

**First, a very big congratulations to my athletes who raced at Chicago this weekend! John C. broke 2:45, Kristi R. and Joe B. also both PR'd ! Great work and what a beautiful day to race, I wish I had been racing. Great job to all who have been working hard all year!

**Jack started kindegarten and is loving it. It is a fun next step but wow has time flown by. It seems like not long ago I was pushing the baby jogger, and now he can cruise fast on his bike and participate in the Multisportmadness kids team practice every now and then! What a change! sniff sniff!

**Training is going great for me. I have been getting some great workouts in in the pool, (thanks to dragging my butt to masters), biking hard, and definitely, finally, on the run. I have been so diligent about doing my core/ strength/ stability and stretching. I have to say it hasn't only helped my leg, but I feel stronger and more balanced swimming, even on the bike (not sitting off to the side), and can keep good posture running. It is amazing practicing what you preach every day! I will be ready for Nationals Sept 20. This is a tough hilly course, but I love it and can't wait to race it again.

**When my clients at work/ get better! This week discharged a guy who had been with me for months. The reward of my job is seeing someone walk out of the clinic normally, when they started leg in brace, on crutches and in extreme pain. Its a good feeling knowing you helped them get their day to day life back.

The moon and stars must be aligned just right because all is good. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Did you buy that lottery ticket? It is great when things run like a well-oiled machine! GOOD! Hope Jack is enjoying his school, wow! Jen H. :)