Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving on>>

I have been so busy since coming home from Michigan, plus our crazy late summer storm killed our internet for a day that I am way past giving an update.

I was unable to finish the race because of what I thought was a pulled hamstring, but as I've been doing therapy it is from a pinched nerve in my hip/back.

Race morning at Steelhead was beautiful but we quickly noticed that it was windy and cooler (nice cool like normal perfect temps). But the water was wicked, very choppy, but whatever I was ready to swim. My swimming has not been where it usually is this year, for the simple fact I do not swim enough, or with masters enough. ( I miss Waves!) but even so, I did not want them to cancel the swim. No swim would totally change the dynamics of the race.

As it turned out no swim and a 2 mile first run. I think it should have been more like 4 miles to spread the field out more, but I am sure they just wanted to get everyone out on their bikes. The first 2 miles consisted of running through a wooded park up a big hill and back down, then past the 2000 people waiting for their turn to run and as we rounded a turn we hit sand and ran through a sand dune before entering transition. I ran hard and strong and Adam said I was only 30 sec back from the lead girls. The bike seemed tough, it was windy and the roads were crappy, but I was riding strong, catching girls and no one from our age group catching me. Until about 10 -15 miles to go, when my hamstring started protesting being in aero positon. The rest of the story is not worth sharing. Mentally I have moved on from this, and am focusing on getting this better. (maybe this is forced motivation to get my butt to the pool more since I can't run as much right now)

Luckily I work in a PT clinic and have been doing therapy every day and thanks to Dave my boss he has mobilized my hip and SI joint into place taking the pressure off the nerve. It was like a vice grip let go on my leg. So thankfully it is getting better because I am still planning on racing at Nationals Sept 20. Thanks also to Carmen for making her special homeopathic massage oil for me !!!

Once cool thing though, check out this link from They decided to show the 40 yr old women starting the race!!!

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