Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Survival Mode

I am in survival mode this week. Adam is gone to Boulder to train with the big boys, so I am flying solo, working 30 hrs still trying to train, and rehab a sore hip and trying train like an Olympian :).( I can try anyway, its hard not to be inspired by all the great displays of athletism on right now)

I've been in survival mode in races; that point where you are just hanging on. Survival can be you are hammering with all you've and hanging on to all you've got to keep your pace, hold off that competitior until the finish, or sometimes it means, hanging by a thread just to finish (Blackwater this year, ick). You are done physically and mentally but there is still a ways to go until the finish line. I have experienced both so far this week. Its mid week and feels like it should be Fri.

So I am just hanging on to get it all done. This is that point where laundry piles up, dishes pile up (yuck). Getting up early trying to get workouts done before work and Jack wakes up (although its been tough because I have been staying up too glued to Olympics), resorting to the trainer when its gorgeaous out, squeezing in runs on lunch hour, putting stim on the hip during any free time at work. I think all Moms become masters at multi-tasking. Especially ones who are triathletes. Sometimes I don't know which is harder, the actual workout, or figuring out how I will get the workouts done. It would be too easy to say, I am too busy I can't do this today, no I have been getting it done. Its times like this I chose quality over quantity any day ! I want to be ready for Nationals so not doing workouts isn't an option, and not doing rehab, isn't an option. Some days just doing the workouts are the easy part when you're in survival mode.

In true multi- tasking fashion Becky our massage therapist makes house calls, and is coming over tonight, and I won't even have to miss any of the Olympics. :)


carmen said...

Continuing with the children books need an "Amelia Bedelia" going through your house and doing all the chores :))but I know what you mean...trying to find time to fit the training into a full day...and I am not at your is good you shared your thinking on doing the workouts no matter what...because if it is a family matter I will put that before the workout...and then I cram the next day...with the logical consecuences...stiff and sore...And then when you see how long the olympians train...I guess we are all suffering from olympic insommian syndrome these days...

Jennifer Harrison said...

Some of us joke Lindsay, that we need a WIFE! I need someone to take care of my house, laundry, dirty dishes - our house is a mess. Jerome (like Adam) is in full IM training mode, but at least he is that helps, for sure...and while I don't do any PT, I am bombarded with work too right now - just trying to stay afloat as well - AND train, be a GOOD mom (yes) to the kids and find some balance. Today, I felt off balance. I was driving home from my swim w/o wishing I could just go shopping. THAT is when I know I am on the edge. HANG IN THERE!!! If I lived closer, I would happily help with Jack. Jen H. :)
PS I tell Spencer all the TIME (he doesn't get it) that PLANNING & Organizing the workouts are MUCH harder than the darn workout!