Monday, May 19, 2008


I didn't see Elvis this year? Maybe it was too cold?...(only low 80s, chilly compared to most years I've raced there). To me, it was heaven, warm and sunny! Maybe Elvis was still in FL (panama city to be exact which is where this picture was actually taken.)

Memphis is always a fun race. It has to be to be worth the 8 hr 1 way drive. Every year we say,....this drive is too much, but we love the race and this year especially the warmth so it is worth the "road trip" adventure. This year was no exception. Definitiely an adventure! The south is always full of funny suprises, a much different way of life, just in no hurry. We experienced this checking into hotel, eating out, etc. I consider myself pretty easy going person,and really don't like to rush, but even I was like come on already. It truly makes me realize we are full speed ago up here in the north. (is it because we're so cold all the time?)

Race Day was perfect. It was pretty windy, actually I don't ever remember having wind in memphis, but there was this year. With all the "wind "training I've been doing it didn't seem that bad. I had a great warm up and was feeling good excited to race for the first time this year. I had a great swim. I have a new wet suit...the new 2XU super fast super cool suit. Best yet, it comes on and off like so fast! I hadn't practiced transitons like I should, I have been IM training and that doesn't leave much extra time, however it comes back like riding a bike. I have practiced these a lot over the years and have raced a lot so it came back quick. I had no issues, was out quick on my bike. This was my first race with power. I have an SRM (thank you thank you) so I could watch my watts which was helpful into the windy sections. Because it was OLY distance, really you just go hard, just put your head done and go. So, Adam said just keep the watts in this range which I did. I had a great ride, and felt fast. I was happy because I had close to my fastest bike split on a windy day. The run was tough, it is always a tough run there. I think it just seems like you should be going faster, but it is rolling. I felt decent on the run but couldn't get the true 10k pace going, I was stuck with my long distance training legs. Memphis has to be one of the best finishes running on the grassy dam to finish. But I didn't see Elvis. Maybe I missed him, or he came later because we bolted fast to get on the road home. No rest for me though. Blackwater is next and isn't far away. Those first few workouts the day after a race...never really fun. It hurts and feels awful. However, it does help you to RECOVER faster if you do something!!!! I always give my athletes some type of workout to do the day after a race. Sometimes it is the hardest workout to get yourself to go do...but it help limit the stiffness and soreness.

Congratulations to everyone who raced Memphis and all the Galena. Also congratulations to Carmen and John C. They have PR'd in their last 2 run races at 1/2 marathon and 5k distances. They have been diligent about my harping on strength, core work, and form!!!

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