Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pet Peeves

I am a very easy going person and not too much sets me off. It is rare that you would see me "lose it" especially in public. It does happen, Adam can vouch for that as he is sometimes the recipient of my ranting. Last week I hit 25 hrs of training, the most I've ever done. So, my tolerance to those little annoying things is gone. Is is just me in my fatigued, and tired of my self state or are these things that can set you off.

1. Having to wear gloves, booties, tights to work out when it is nearly June. We've been over this before.(repeatedly this year) Summer is so short here in the first place. We're getting jipped this year.

2. Sharing the pool with the water aerobics class (floaters). One day this week they took up the majority of the pool and threw the lane line over into one of only 2 open lanes left that the swimmers were using in order to make it stay out of their way. I threw it back.

3. Going to a run race and standing next to someone with B. O. I only notice this at run races. Seriously take a shower and wash your clothes, use deodorant, and wear something newer than a race t-shirt from 1985.

4. Emptying the trash and having left over diet coke in the can spill all over you and the floor.

5. Enjoying the public parks in one of the tri-cities with the kids ( I won't name call), only to discover there is no public restroom. Come on, I'm trying to stay hydrated here, and no public bathrooms?

6. Paying the property tax for Elburn. Its ugly, thats all I'm going to say.

7. When someone is tailgating you in a parking lot, and you're trying to find a place to park. Are you really in that much of a hurry? pick a different aisle then.

8. My hair during IM training. Its fried. Is it from too much chlorine, sweat and being in a pony tail wet that causes this?

Normally I can look past these things, but this week I was extra aware of life's tiny annoyances....on the brighter side:

1. I saw some of the Batavia Criterium this weekend, very cool to see how fast those guys can ride, especially around corners and in a pack!

2. 5 hr rides make 3 hr rides seem easy now

3. We had 1 day above 70 degrees!

4. The peony plants my mom and I put in last summer are about ready to bloom. They are so cool.

5. Watching the kids run through the sprinkler on the warm day! I almost joined in with them!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Ew!!!! Sounds like the deep dark thrust of IM Training!!!! Keep on plugging along, Linds. You are about as low key as anyone (like Jerome!) so for things to annoy you....!! HAHA. Keep up the good work you are going to have a super race in LP! Jen H.