Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Race Week

Wow, this is a big week of racing!!!! It makes for all kinds of fun writing schedules and workouts for athletes, and I get so excited for them to finally test their fitness and see how their fitness has come together with all the hard work and training. It also makes for an interesting week when trying to get yourself ready to race, and of course travel. No simple task these days. I am wondering how much we'll get charged to check bags, bikes, use the toilet!! etc.!

Rockman Tri: Good Luck to Megan and Teri. Both have worked so hard on their long distance training. Megan is riding so strong, she has no problem staying with the boys on group ride and has gotten tough in the water and running. She is coming off her IM AZ base and will do great. Teri has been doing IM training for Lake Placid. She has gotten a huge base and done some great long training days and will be able to use this as a great test of IM fitness. I hear this is a fairly tough course...oh fun fun!!!

Batavia Tri: Good Luck to SO MANY MSMers!!! I almost wish I could be there to watch the competition that comes out at these local races. There has been some good smack talking!! Good Luck to Joe B. and Kristi. They are both using this as a fast brick workout for some later season races. Good Luck to my friend Debbie H. racing....oh go girl you can win!

Mooseman Tri: Good Luck to Jeff out east doing Mooseman Tri. I have heard good things about this race. Jeff is also training for Lake Placid and is coming off some great IM training in the hills of the Northeast all amongst saving lives as a cardiac surgeon!

Worlds..lots of friends and some of the kids team off to Worlds in Vancouver BC (such an amazing place!) Age group worlds is a FUN event!

Finally, Blackwater: I am racing Blackwater. My first "A" race this year. I came out of my dark IM sinkhole just great. It helped having 2 birthday boys last week to focus on. Then have come back to feeling human, and topped it off with a killer hard brick, which hurt, but loved, and am ready to race. Blackwater is fast, competitive. Good Luck also to Yuri, Papa Joel, and of course Adam!!!!!

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