Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change of Plans

All I have been thinking about is wanting to do other races, other types of workouts. I would think about my race at IM LP and I would feel dread. This is not the right mindset to have going into an Ironman. NOOO way, it would make for a very long painful day if your heart is not into it. I have done 3 IM and quite well at one. I know what its like and how the day goes. I feel complete with my Ironman racing. I haven't liked the feeling of wishing I were doing other races this summer. I have had these thoughts for awhile, but kept blocking them because I signed up for this race, so you HAVE to do it. But after lots of though and talking with Adam and my Dad and really realizing you have to do what is in your heart and what you have fun doing I have decided not to do my IM. I know its the right decision and it hasn't crossed my mind once since Sunday when I made this decision. In fact, I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. (Big decisions like this get easier with maturity!!)

You are forced to sign up for these races so far ahead of time, that almost 1 year ago is when I signed up to do this race. At the time...I thought it would be fun a change, something different. It has been a while since I did an IM. Then you're bound to that race for a year and a lot can happen. It lures you into thinking you can't change your mind. We signed up for Blackwater....before the end of the race season last year, then came along about 5 other 70.3 races, I might have wanted to go to Boise....I know that area well and know where the run and swim would have been a really cool race. I am sidetracking now on another topic, how fast these races/ fill etc, registration procedures etc.

I'm not saying doing an IM is bad. I did 3 in a row! I was pretty motivated the first time around to finish and still say finishing my first IM is one of the most memorable triathlon experiences I have. But my heart is in to racing more and racing fast. I like those types of workouts, that is what I have fun doing. I have done this sport for too long, hmm, lets say 18 (yikes!!!) to get caught up in to feeling like I have to do something that my heart isn't in to.

So right away on Tuesday I had a track workout. Wow, I was having a great time even though my legs were sure what the heck was going on. My times were off a bit but, and I felt like I had cob webs in my legs, because right now they are trained to clip a long at IM pace, but I didn't care. The speed will start to come back and I have to say I have a big aerobic base now! I plan to race a lot the rest of the season, with Steelhead and Nationals as 2 big ones, then lots of others locally to help get the speed back and ......have fun.

Do your workouts, push yourself to where you haven't gone before, challenge yourself to do what you haven't in your training and racing, take it serious, but remember to have fun!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh this IS a big change! But, you know what...who cares....I mean, do what YOU want to do. Ironman will always be there and it is TOUGH to train for those things. You and I are alike in that respect...the IM training is TOUGH and if you like to race alot, it makes things tough! I am glad you made your decision, feel good about it and now are moving on with MORE racing! Good! Have fun now and enjoy! Jen H.