Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A True Test

I am finally cooling off from one HOT weekend and race, both physically, and mentally. Temps on the east coast were super hot and humid as I am sure everyone has already heard. The heat I had been wishing for showed up with us to race a tough competitive field. Blackwater is basically a long Memphis. It is flat and fast. Yes, I have been waiting for the heat, and usually kind of like it hot! I got all I was waiting for and more. Knowing it would be a hot day, I planned ahead by adding more salt to my drinks, and carried more salt tabs, planned to drink more water, and even bought a hat.....yes a hat. I hate wearing hats to race in....but thought it would be good to put ice/ water in it to stay cool.

All was great going into the race. I did do more training than maybe normal before a 1/2 but I am IM training so some volume has to stay up. In the days before the race I felt great. I had a breakthrough brick workout that went awesome, and felt great in the days before the race.

I had an uneventful swim, it is a strange set up, still not sure of the exact shape of that swim, but I stayed on course and even caught a nice draft off some chick for awhile. I had a great transition and passed up about 3 girls just during T1. The bike went well too. I road hard in the beginning and passed quite a few more girls. I was happy with how I felt and was motoring along great. Saw a few girls (in my age group drafting)Yuck. I'll make no comments here. I was really feeling the heat toward the end of the bike. I knew it was getting hot because its not too often that I am HOT on the bike. I backed of just a little towards the end of the bike. I really wanted to have a good run. T2 was fine and even passed 2 right away on the run. I felt decent at first,and yes had my HAT with me...(wasn't sure of the pony tail situation with it) ....but it was shading the sun some. The first few miles were good I kept telling myself to be patient and that everyone else was hot too. I took my salts and gels and dumped water on me put water in my suit.....hmmm not a good choice. A little too cold on the wrong parts. I actually had to stop and dig the cubes out of of my shorts...that must have looked ridiculous. I was ok until about mile 7 then I really started slowing down. Muscle cramps and Charley horses forced me to walk and run. This is a miserable way to race, when you love to RACE. I saw Yuri and Joel out there. They were feeling the heat too but cheered me on, which helped a ton. Also saw the LEGEND, Bob Scott. Thankfully I was feeling good, no slacking when you're around Bob. But it became a mental test to just keep it going and not quit when things were falling apart and not going as planned. The last 5 miles or so were so long, and hard. But I am glad I finished even though much slower than what I do my 1/2s in and am capable of.

I was pretty disappointed at first. I have been working very hard and would have loved a better result, but a true competitor finds the good in the bad, learns, and moves on. Ironman is a long day, maybe this was good practice for my long race day in July. During IM there are so many ups and downs and you have to be able to work yourself out of the hard parts when you are tired and feeling bad and just want to stop. This was definitely good practice for that.

I have to say ROCK ON to my client Megan M. She did Rockman also and was tested in some tough conditions also , but trudged on. I believe she was pelted with extreme down pouring rain and gusting wind, but finished 3 rd overall and even was some cash!!! WOO HOO.

Finally, yes Adam qualified for Kona. He has been chasing this for a long time. I am so happy for him and that means..........a trip to Hawaii in October !!!!

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