Friday, May 9, 2008

In the spirit of MOM

This is my Mom. She is the best mom ever. She was always there for us (I have 3 younger brothers)growing up. She'd be there for us when we were outside playing, helping us with homework, telling us to turn off the lights when we leave the room, put away our clothes, and of course at our sporting events (all 4 us were always playing something). She was able to keep food in the house and milk in the fridge and with 3 growing boys playing sports that was no easy task. She is loving and sensitive, yet strict at the same time. No faking sickness to stay home from school. My mom is competitive ( which is where I think I get it from). This Im sure is what helped me get accepted to PT school at Northwestern, race triathlons and Ironmans and get to Worlds. Mom is adventurous. In fact, just this spring she swam with the dolphins in Hawaii. Growing up I used to say..."when I am a Mom, I'll never do/ say things she did like turn out the lights, put your clothes away. Ha, to this day I find myself telling Jack or Adam to turn the lights out when they leave the room!, or " am I the only one who can put the dishes in the dishwasher", and best of all, "can you put your shoes away?"

She has definitely set the standards high. I have been a Mom for just 5 years. It is a tough job, but I love it. I find myself trying to be the Mom she addition to working, coaching and training umteen hours a week. Come on...I can do it all right? Somehow keeping milk in the fridge is a tough one though. The clothes get clean, but not always put away. There is more dog hair than I like floating around and we eat out more than we should. It is crazy balancing it all, most moms don't train for triathlons, or Ironman. That alone is as much as some people work, or spend decorating their house or shopping. I may not be a traditional Mom, but hope to set great example of a healthy lifestyle, goal setting and balancing a career. In the end I will say being a Mom is my favorite.

Happy Mothers Day


carmen said...

Happy mothers day to you too! And to all the moms out there! How true ...what you say about being a mom and trying to balance a zillion other things...but how sweet it is to be a mom!
I will never be as diligent as my mom 88 years of age...she is ahead of me so many ways...she might not have been brought up in the spirit of sports competition...she is from another era and other the time in Spain it wasn’t fashionable to have muscles...or work was all about looking pretty seating, playing an instrument and being able to discuss art, literature, host society dinners...but the experiences and the tragedy of a war shaped my mom’s life hence her strength of character, spirit of survival...and endurance...and from that I draw ...when I try to follow on all the accomplished athletes...moms...
Thanks to all!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great post, Linds. And, Happy Mother's Day to you. I find myself as a VERY non-traditional mother too trying to manage it all...and my mom is the best role model too. I hope I can be as good as a mom as she was! :) Jen H.