Thursday, May 1, 2008

Become one

Thanks to Chris at the Bike Shop for helping me perfect my bike fit on my Orbea TT bike. After finally getting to do some decent amount of riding outside on this bike without a million layers on, I decided I needed some perfecting and tweaking of my bike position, as I have been having "saddle issues". I won't go into detail, but there is nothing worse than not sitting on the saddle in the right spot, especially when doing long rides. I have been feeling strong with my bike training and don't' need an annoying issue to get in the way. That will only make a long ride, even longer. I am frequently asked how can you sit on such a small bike, and skinny seat, for so long. Well, if you are fit properly, you should be able to do it without discomfort.
A proper bike fit will provide allow you to be powerful, aerodynamic, and can prevent injury, oh and go FASTer. You waste energy sitting up or sitting off to the side. A seat height just millimeters too high,or too low, can wreak havoc on knees, hamstrings, or even achilles, especially if you plan to get off and run. Being too stretched out, or jammed up can cause neck or shoulder problems, and more knee injuries. If you are uncomfortable or have pain, go get yourself looked at, something is not right. Trust me, biking and training is more fun than winding up coming to see me in physical therapy. Figure out how to "become one with your bike"

My Ironman specific training is starting to pick up, which means "I need to become one with my bike" (these is actually the words of my friend Sue Welker) We used to say that all the time during prior Ironman training years. It means serious bonding time with the bike:) I promise to be nice to my bike, keep it clean and working well, wipe the Infinit, gels, and dried worms off if it allows me to go fast, stay comfy for hours, and ...yea keep going fast.

Congratulations to Teri K. for running her 1/2 marathon race coming off of her foot surgery this winter, and Hooray to Megan M. who made it the whole way didn't get dropped on group ride Tues night with the go girls! :) Its so fun seeing you get faster!

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