Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Be That Mom

If you listen to the TBC podcasts, you are well aware of an ongoing segment called “Don’t be that Guy”. However recently with back to school and the drama that goes with the drop off/ pick up near the car pool line, my friend Danni Lynn pointed out that we could keep a podcast of our own with “don’t be that mom….” Maybe this should be our own ongoing segment.

DL got the evil stare down for showing up for the drop off on the first day of school wearing her bike kit...

DL and Dana multitasking

I have so been there. In a mad rush to fit it all in and still escape for some sanity of trying to fit in some training around work, house, kids and more....who has time to change, put on make up and cute clothes just to show up and wave good bye to your upper level elementary school child. He still loves me just the same in my bike kit, or with goggle marks around my eyes.

I have gotten that same evil stare dropping Jack at practice in my running clothes, only to take off to fit in a track workout or run. It used to bother me, but now I just so don’t care. I like to swim bike and run and challenge myself to get fit and fast.

>I have shown up to youth football games straight CX races and cheered and supported Jack just fine with a little mud, dirt and sweat still on me.

>Grocery shopped at Jewel still in my bike kit following CX practice because it is conventiently located on the way home from the trail head.

>Taken Jack with me to Otters Cove a few too many times this summer so he could swim and “have fun”, while I fit in a swim workout.
Our last outdoor swim of the summer, and I had to hear, oh not again mom! but then….”its ok, I know you are training for World Champs!” :)

I also:
>Buy store bought chocolate chip cookies instead of making homemade, damn!

>Wear braids or a wet pony tail to save time

>Spend a little more money on Trader Joe’s pre cooked rice, stir fry, grilled chicken etc because it requires the microwave only and not an hour of prep time and it seems like a healthier option. Trust me, I’d love to put on an apron, chop and sautee, and steam and whip it all together all healthy and perfect while sipping on a glass of wine and wearing make up with blown dry hair and a smile on my face…there just isn’t time for that
...or maybe you are like DL and serve "freezer fiesta" at 8pm on a school night after practices are done because you were up at 4:30 to train, then worked all day, and finished just in time to shuttle kids around to practice

> I am constantly asking for help from family,friends or neighbors (i'm sure they are saying she is so that mom!)

>Keeps a set of running clothes in the car ….”just in case”

Yep,I'm pretty sure I'm that mom.


The Leavitt's said...

My kind of mom!! Helped in my daughters class after a run.. No time to shower.. Kids told me that smelled funny.. Ahh but I was in the classroom! Cheers to "that kind of mom"

JEN YANDA said...

This post cracked me up! I'm that kind of mom too I guess. I'm glad I have another one like me around town. We laugh at pickup because one of us will still have wet hair and smell like chlorine with goggle marks around the eyes. It is what it is.....I'm proud that I am that mom people probably envy...or not.