Tuesday, September 11, 2012


You have to put the cards down and fold and let go and it’s never and an easy thing when you want something pretty bad. Your vision of what is real can become cloudy and distorted. Focus and tunnel vision are good qualities for accomplishing high goals but can make it difficult to see what is really going on sometimes.

I have been battling hip bursitis/tendonitis since mid July. I never gave up in believing that it wouldn’t improve enough to run in Vegas. Initially I was running through pain probably making it worse (that tunnel vision). But finally had to admit I was injured, and rest it. It came to the point I was even willing to race not in good run shape. A total of maybe 20 miles of running over the span of 6 weeks will leave you just a little on the low end of run fitness for a tough run like Vegas, but I was so motivated to still race. I rested it, did therapy and even got cortisone shot all with hopes of it coming around race day. I only cried twice, (I think), not because I am that tough, but because I truly thought it would be ok
2 days before the race I tried a 20 min run to just loosen up and see how it would be and it was awful. I could not run with a normal stride/ or limp no matter how much I tried loosening it up. I came darn close to just not racing but Adam, Scott, and my good friend Joe did a great job of putting my head on straight and reminding me all the things I know and tell other people but are hard to accept when it comes to you, that one race does not make an athlete. They reminded me that at 44 y/o and 20 yrs of racing all over the world in NZ, SUI, Canada all over the US in all kinds of races, I have accomplished all I have ever wanted in the sport, this was just one race. The past 2 years have been icing on the cake really, with being able to still race at a high level.

So I finally just gave into it …..And decided to just go do what I could. I paid the big bucks to be there, flew my bike out, so why sit around and pout, go out and have fun, so I toed the line with the rest of the W40-44.

bike check in with A's client Reegan, 105 deg!

Ready to Rock!

3:30 a.m wake up call, requires Rebel Coffee!

Race morning I met fellow Wattie’s Libby and Denise (very cool girls!) and several other friends and before I knew it I was swimming through Lake Las Vegas, making my way through T1 and on the bike for a ride through the desert. This is an amazing bike course. I love it but seemed hotter than last year. I felt good on the bike and rode hard for the most part but at times I must admit I held back thinking maybe not fully hammering wouldn’t tighten up the hip too much and I could run. I walked through T2 and took my time to head out. I walked the first little bit, and then ran with a limp. Lots of Watties on the course cheering right away were so supportive. But it was sore and simply was not going to limp through 13 miles. I saw people with ¾ of their body covered in kinesio tape running with horrific gait and I don’t want to be that person. I stopped cheered on Adam and Joe for their last laps and was ok with it. There will be more races and goals. Another shot at Vegas in a new AG next year might be fun.

So now I will get my cross bike out/ switch gears gears into CX season, keep fixing my hip, get ready to cheer on Adam in Kona and life goes on!


Jennifer Harrison said...

I was SO sorry to hear about your hip and I know you take very good care of yourself....! AND, all these years you have taken care of many of us - and even me last year as I fought my achilles thru IM AZ training! I was grateful for that help/feedback....and now the tables are turned and we support you!

It is OK! They are right - things change a bit as we get older and you have accomplished SO much, so an "off" race is hard to swallow, but it surely does NOT define you or your success.

NEXT! Rest up. After LC Nationals, you may see me at some Cross too - IF i get the bug. :)

Chris Palmquist said...

Lindsay - you are a role model in so many ways! You are a rock star athlete and one of the nicest people that I've ever met! I wish you fast healing. I have also had an injury ridden year. We will both be inspired for more action when we are healed. I'd love to try cyclocross with you when my knees are ready!

Jen Maggio said...

Lindsay, I hope your hip recovers as quick as possible! As we tell our boys "making the right decision isn't always the easiest one" : ) It's so hard to walk away. I too know that. Like your attitude moving forward to CX and I hope to come out and see you race this season (just bought a CX bike, so we'll see if I get the bug myself after IM next month) Looks so fun! Rest up and remember YOUR A ROCK STAR! oxox
Jen Maggio

Carmen Cordogan said...

Reading your post made me think of this one by Chrissie Wellington
You are a champion Lindsay. in real life and in competition, you triumph!You accomplish so much off the race course...when you add all you do up...Podium for you no matter what! Get well! Let's go out!

Carmen C. said...
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GoBigGreen said...

I would have done the SAME THING. I find it hard to go against what i would tell my patients. So i am proud of you, and I know Libby or Heidi would agree. You have many more fun events ahead:)

Adam Zucco said...

I am super proud of you, and glad you had the sense to go have fun with what you could. You earned your spot to be there and it was yours to use however you wanted to use it. The sport is supposed to be fun.

You still rock in my eyes!