Tuesday, August 21, 2012

crunch time.........

First of all, I can’t write this post without talking about a very fun experience Adam and I had being part of a photo shoot with Ali Engin. He has been working to build up his... already amazing portfolio of photos, and asked us to be part of a photo shoot where he could get some different shots/angles he can’t get in races or regular photo shoots.

pretty sure he is tweeting here

I'm laughing at him crawling around at the back edge of the mini van! If you haven’t seen the pics on facebook you can check them out at http://www.endurancepicture.com/ plus some amazing views of Chicago... He is very talented and I wish him luck at landing some great contracts.

trying not to wind up in Ali's lap

But now its already mid Aug and my Ironman WI athletes are starting to see light at the end of the very looong tunnel of ironman training they’ve been in, my Kona athletes are in the thick of making it count, my kids are squirming because summer ends and school starts this week, and I am stressing because it is 3 weeks until Vegas and my hip bursitis is making micro improvements instead of giant progress like I had hoped. I’m starting to get awful thoughts in my head like maybe I should focus on just getting ready to run the underpants run in Kona (what is that like maybe 1 mile), and just start getting ready for this:

campton cross

but I’m not giving up yet and and doing everything I can to hold onto what run fitness I had and getting this better.

Anti Gravity runinng
Vegas was the race I cared the most about this year, skipped other races for and so Im hanging on that this will keep getting better.

Thankfully biking doesn’t hurt and I have put in some good riding include tough trainer sets and good rides outside.

While in Michigan for AZ’s race at Steelhead, I rode the course on an awesome day with little wind, lots of sun and some great views. This puffy cloud in the distance almost reminded me of the peak of Mt. Hood with snow on if off in the distance.

mt hood wanta be

I chilled on the beach afterwards while the kids played in the water. Lake Michigan seems much prettier over on the other side.

And renting a beach house with friends on the shores of SE Michigan is the way to go if racing Steelhead vs. paying big bucks for slimy hotel.

a few of us weren't racing....

So with all this going on my brain is sizzling, so its easier to tell the story with pictures than with words!


GoBigGreen said...

Oh boy do i hear you on the "this is the race i counted on and bagged others for..." hang in there LZ. Can you get someone to inject it in a week, see if that eases up the inflammation? Its not ideal but it's worth a shot. ( haha, no pun intended.)
Ive been on the Hydroworx underwater TM once a week, has really been great ( and hot!)

Damie said...

I didn't know you had been struggling with injury...hang in there chickie!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!