Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good bye 2008!

2008 is coming to an end. I always look forward to a new year, new goals, and a good start to a New Year and this year is no exception. I am ready to put 2008 to bed and bring on 2009. Its been a stressful end to the year, but I have been trying to take a look back to the good things that happened in 2008. Here are some of my favorite memories from 2008, before I slam the door on it.

In March I turned 40, and this is good because at 40, I am in better shape than I was at 30 and I feel smarter, wiser, and more of a balanced person than at 20 or 30. My 40th birthday week was during our Tuscon training camp and celebrated climbing Mt Lemmon on my bike and eating Mexican food at night with my very cool friends, all my favorite things. What a great way to celebrate.

In April Adam and I went to Vegas just the 2 of us. We took our bikes and trained some. Alot of the riding was on the Silverman course (hard and hilly my favorite), and out at Red Rock canyon. But we also just hung out, and went to see "O" Cirque de Soleil. It was so fun because it was a just us trip, no computers and limited cell phone use vacation, very cool.

Then the triathlon season started. Summer is always a blur because of so much racing and training. I did not have a great season this year, but I gained some perspective on triathlon and training and after roughly 16 years of racing all the distances and all over the world, I realize that simplier is better right for me right now and that is what works. I found that I truly love racing shorter and faster distances, and love doing crazy hard workouts and being done and then being able to take care of my kids,and iron-husband; without being a walking zombie or iron sloth. I finished the season racing in Oregon at Nationals. I raced injured, but still had a great time because I loved the race and I got to see my family. It was fun to see Jack play with his cousins, and just to be out in Oregon made the trip worth it.

Jack started kindegarten this year. This is a big stepping stone and allows me a little more freedom. It has been fun to see how much he is learning (he can tie his own shoes now too!) I am so happy he loves school (for now) and is doing well.

In October I was able to go with Adam to Kona to watch Ironman. A trip to Hawaii is always a bonus! We hung out with some really cool friends. I drank great coffee, played on the beach, took some scenic runs, and paddled a sea kayak right next to a group of dolphins which was so amazing.

This year I gained some really cool clients that are super fun to work with and make my coaching job easy, plus have kept some of the greatest clients and athletes ever, year after year. With this crazy economy, I am thankful I have my job and profession as a physical therapist, and am still coaching great athletes. Times are tough for a lot of people, so I feel very lucky.

I am ready for 2009! We are spending New Years weekend in Galena with the MSM kids tri team. Adam will be coaching the team in what they are calling "Camp Siberia" Not sure what it involves, but I will be doing some of it. The weekend will finish with us taking our kids skiing/ snowboarding for the first time! I can't wait.

Happy New Year to Everyone! Best wishes for a successful and healthy 2009!

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