Saturday, January 10, 2009

snow vs. cold

Today on talk radio they were taking calls on which is better, "snow vs. cold"; and I'm not talking just cold, I am talking the extreme cold (which on its way here btw). You know that cold. The 0 deg. for a high with wind chills in the -30 range. With that comes sunshine usually. Some claim that the sun makes it all better. Lovely. The talk show hosts were encouraging people to call in with their vote for which was better, warmer and snow coming down in inches, or the extreme cold dry roads and sun. You can just imagine the reasons people came up with. 1 teacher voted for snow, due to the "possibility" she might get a snow day. 1 husband voted for snow because he was definitely a better driver than his wife in the snow. 1 husband voted for cold, because then he wouldn't have to snowplow his neighbors' drives. Last tally when my trip on the snowy roads ended: snow was beating cold 4 to 2.

My vote.

No question. Snow. With snow you can at least stand to go outside without your nostrils freezing together, skin feeling like glass poking into it or your lungs freezing. I am truly a sun person. Love the sun and warm sunshine. That being said, I will still pick snow over those frigid temps. With snow you can stand to go outside and play... ski, snowshoe, make a snowman, go sledding. When it is -30, you bolt as fast as you can to the car, building or wherever you're heading with a million layers on making it hard to move. And heaven forbid you need to go through and ATM or Starbucks drive through and have to reach out in that with your glove off!

My real vote is for the hot sun. That won't be around any time soon; and we seem to be having the winter of the decade! So I am making the most of it. Today I did my run in a blizzard. It took an extra 15 min just to get ready to run. I had yak tracks on my shoes, multiple layers and ran (trotted) along getting pelted by snow. The wind was coming from the north so, for a few miles the right side of my face was frozen before I could make my turn just to let the other side freeze. I kept telling myself this is better than the treadmill and better than -30. It really was kind of fun though. By the time I was done I must have looked like a snowman.

And, at the end of today, I wondered if any one's laundry room looks like mine with boots, gloves, hats coats piled up from many trips in and out to shovel, sled, or just run errands.

But talking about our extreme weather gets so old. It is always bad here from Dec to April; just accept it. So better debates might be:

boxers or briefs?

Impeach Blago or not?

Treadmill or road?

Ironman or ITU?

text message or email?

Stay warm!


CoachFreeb said...

In Oregon today . . . it was 69 degress in Brookings . . . 53 here in Cada'ville.

There WAS a drizzle and IT IS foggy tonight.

Real Springtime they said on the weather tonight was just a month away.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

And I think I'm missing something... :)

Definitely snow over the cold! And a bonus is that it looks beautiful!