Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A rare opportunity

The end of a good run

If our camera was better/ you'd see steam coming out of my mouth it was so cold

With 2 triathletes who work and have kids, it is a rare chance that Adam and I actually do any workouts together anymore. Add to it the fact that I am a morning person and Adam is a night owl, and you get 2 ships passing a lot. Then you add in his extreme speed and I need to be all guns firing to stay behind him on the bike, pool or whatever. ( I did manage to keep up with him and the Group Ride on my first ride out with them this year! Hooray!, that is mentally like winning a race for me!) Something must be working this winter!

But today for whatever reason, it ended up that we both had a track workout. No trips to paradise to train for 10 days, no work trips, meetings, my day off from the clinic, kids in school and what do you know......I get to go to the track with my husband! And, even though it was freezing and cold, we didn't have to shovel the snow off first!!! Bonus! Its been a while since I've been on the track so my legs needed slapped around, and they were a bit sore and tired from my killer strength session Mon night, but I was able to push through and get the session done (shh shh I think today on the track I actually did more than he did. It was probably his easy run with strides for him really) I had several sets of 200s all out. Hmmm I forgot what all out feels like on the track! But it was fun to find to try and dig to that extra gear. And it was fun working out with 1 of my favorite training partners. There have been times where he has the ability to push me to where I didn't think I could go as an athlete, and gotten me to believe I can accomplish a lot. and other times I just laugh in his face and walk away.

Even though our life is crazy, and we are often like 2 ships passing so much of the time, it is fun, to share something that is so big and important in our lives. So these rare opportunities are worth it in the end.

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