Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feel the heat

Man is it HOT, and I love it. No complaints here!

I have been so busy. (whats new) I am barely keeping my head above water right now but, the end is near with vacation next week! I need it. I have been feeling pulled at like gumby in a 100 directions. When it gets busy it seems like it does so in all parts of my life at the same time. Cosport is crazy right now. It seems every athlete decided to come get fixed and there must have been a sale on Total Knee replacements. Coaching is going great too.....I have a couple new athletes (young!! the 20 somethings!) and fast! Then you add in a little training, and taking care of the Iron house hold and whew.....its HOT around here :)

In other news I have a new coach....Simon Thompson. I have been working with him for about a month and it has been so great. He incorporates "Life Coaching" with the triathlon coaching. It has been very helpful with balancing all of the above :) That is a blog post in itself. In the meantime here is an article about 1 of his recent races.

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Congrats on working with Simon- great! I can not remember who you were working with, glad it is working out so well & helping all around! :)


YAY! :)