Monday, November 23, 2009


No, its not Thanksgiving quite yet, but today on my run I realized my legs were stuffed. Stuffed full of Cotton, fuzz, or turkey stuffing. Simon had on my schedule was an abbreviated tempo run session, shortened because I am running a Turkey Trot Race on Thursday. Initially thought to really go for it. But today my legs were gone. M.I.A. I think they were left in Woodstock; the venue of the most recent cross race.

My little tempo run turned into just making it home without walking. Yet plodding along wasn't much better. Visions of hanging Christmas lights on the porch when I got home kept me moving. After all it is 50 deg in NOV!!! There is no way I was putting it off anymore and hanging the lights when it is 20 deg when we've had all these nice days!.

My legs were stuffed. I had all the motivation and intention of doing the hard set. In my mind I had recovered from the cross race yesterday. After all its only 30 min. HA! Reality set in as I hit 20 min into my run and I stop to do some drills and foot work and the legs still aren't coming around. Hmmm. This is a little pathetic. I had put in some really hard efforts of training last week. Basically no garbage but a lot of hard efforts both running, and biking, plus some hard work with the personal trainer. Oh and I started swimming again making my shoulders sore. I wouldn't call it a HARD training week, but an intense training week. My legs felt pretty beat up going into the cross race this week. The course was open with several hills and open sections. Less technical good for someone with some fitness. I just went as hard as I could for 30 min. I had my best finish yet with a second and moved up a few more places in the overall. But, I think I lit my last match in the legs for a few days. (quoting Joe Friel there). There wasn't much left in the legs today.

So looking back my legs were done. Which makes me wonder how the Turkey Trot will go. In the past I have done the Turkey Trot attempting for a PR... post removal of a screw from my knee..for fun.. for speed post pregnant... under all types of attempts I have turkey trotted. This year it will be attempted with some running and with bruised cyclocrossed legs. I love doing the Turkey Trot. It makes the turkey and pumpkin pie taste so much better. I think it may be snowing/ raining this year...all the more fun.

Only 1 more cyclocross race left in the series, Montrose... in the big bad city. Its been a crazy off season, of not really being completely off.....just shifted into different focus which can be "off". If that makes any sense.

Go stuff yourself, with workouts, races, hard efforts, or Thanksgiving feast!

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