Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy Mama

I'm fairly sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. I'm not the typical suburban, subdivision mom. They see me come and go on my bike, or running at odd hours, or doing strange things like drills, skips and strides in the front of the house. Sometimes they see me jump off the trainer in garage and take off running fast as I can , only to come back and do it a few more times. Sometimes I show up to pick up Jack from school sweaty and in running clothes, or I roll up to the house covered in mud on my cross bike and stand out back spraying it off. They might occasionally see me working in the yard with my bike clothes still on. My co-workers see me heading out for runs at lunch (sometimes the only time for myself in a day), or sprinting out the door at the end of the day in a bike kit to make it to a group ride.

cyclocross is probably the craziest thing I do

Even though they see me do these crazy things, and I may not seem like the typical mom, I'm still the first to show up for spring concerts and sit there with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes watching him sing, jump up and down on the sidelines of a soccer field when he scores a goal, or send him to his room when he talks back.
I am hard core when it comes to homework and reading and am thrilled when he comes home with minus zero on tests. I am there to help him with his work, I just might be wearing sweaty workout clothes. I've had to learn a little about Pokemon and Bakugan battles, and listen to Miley Cyrus and Kidz Bop songs in the car. I can barely pick up Jack anymore, he is getting so big and becoming his own person.

(I used to be able to hold him up on skates)

Both he and my step-daughter Kaitlin are getting their own lives with sports, school and friends which keeps us on the go and making workouts a challenge at times.

But like any mom, you just want the best for them when it comes to those things and will go to crazy extremes sometimes so they can while still keeping some time to myself. It might mean getting up super early, for-going travel or too many huge races, or wearing workout clothes to the grocery store but its worth it. ( BTW, someone played a cruel joke on me from Peapod...sending me an email saying they will start delivery in our neighborhood!!! I was so psyched.....then several hours later they took it back and said it was a mistake :(

I might be a crazy mama, but I'd like to think that by doing so I am showing the kids how to be themselves, be active and disciplined and that they can achieve anything they want with hard work and discipline.

(nothing better than Ice Cream after soccer practice)

Happy Mother's Day to all the other Crazy Mama's out there!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

HOPE you had a nice Mother's Day!! We live parallel lives! My neighbors know me soo well, they just shake their beers and heads at me all the time! :)) hee hee....