Friday, August 13, 2010

Surviving Solo

For the last week I have been manning the fort, been captain of the ship, president of the estate or maybe more like the Queen B! Adam has been gone Kona training in California which I'm sure is more interesting than riding and running a zillion miles around tall corn fields, at least the heat and humidity lately has been close to Kona like giving me my own bit of Kona training at least to spectate. So for all those Kona bound or want to be Kona Ironmen... I say get out there and feel it. Its been ALMOST like it is in Kona. I've been overheated just watching the race and my feet burn from just standing on the Queen K. But I digress, that's not the point of this post.

I usually do very well, I must say, at keeping things running smooth and getting everything done plus some. So far, I have had only had 1 minor catastrophe involving milk left outside in the Oberweis cooler, but the big milk drinker is gone anyway so no harm done. Yesterday though I did come the the realization that I need a wife. My own wife. One that will do the laundry and actually put it away, keep the cupboards stocked full of the right food and have a healthy well balanced meal ready for dinner when I get home from work!

My training does go into survival mode. And I have to admit that I sometimes have to go to plan B, and other times priortize workous. I have gotten creative at fitting in some good bike workouts by resorting to the trainer (something I don't like to do mid summer because I love riding outside, but hey it works), and running on several occasions with Jack on his bike. Now that he is older and likes to ride, I can actually run, and do intervals etc. I'm not likely to get more than maybe 1 hr run in doing this (along with maybe a few bribes). My swim workouts end up suffering the most because its difficult to make a 5:30 a.m. masters and an evening masters 40 min away is a challenge when you are trying to fit it ALL in. So I solo swim when I can fit it in amongst everything else.

There is a short list of positives that come with surviving solo, like...the sweat drenched clothes that go into the washing machine are just my own and the laundry pile is a little smaller. I can listen to my playlist or choice loud while cleaning or paying the bills, or watch chick flicks when I crash at night(hmm sounds good, but I haven't done that one yet). I can fix a kid his favorite meal which might be something simple and pour myself a bowl of cereal (easy yes, but I don't recommend it if a big training day is on the horizon). Trust me on this one.

I know the hard work and dedication it takes just to make it to Kona, let alone the effort it takes prepare to perform your best there. Surviving solo can be challenging at times but I've mastered it and it will be worth it in the end to see the Ironman run down Alii Dr, hopefully with a smile on his face.


Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! I was just telling Jerome last night - THIS summer is the best summer in Chicago to train for Kona. Kona is much worse, but close! And, I always say, "I need a wife and secretary and maid." I hired a maid. A wife is next, but I think i may be too picky. LOL

Hang in there!! :)) I have been solo a ton this summer too w/ the kids and I love going out to dinner w/ the kids - so i don't have to cook !! enjoy!

Angela and David said...

I would love to have a second wife. Those Mormons are onto something.

And I am solo this week. Too bad you don't live closer and we could coordinate some childcare.