Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One word.....

The New Year 2011 is in full swing and how have those new year's resolutions gone? 2.5 weeks in have you kept to your resolution?

I myself did not make any resolutions. However, I did hear on a morning talk show about a different way to think about approaching the new year. Pick 1 word to describe you in 2011. Instead of focusing on cutting out the negative such as I want to lose 20 lb. or 5, or cut out, meat or, sugar , or gluten, or dairy, or all of the above, or coffee, or caffeine, or swear words, or ...._____/ insert your choice of things to "cut out".

Or the opposite: I'm going to exercise more, do yoga more, stretch more, balance check book more, save more ....or ____/insert "something more"

Most of the times it is hard to stick to these changes because it requires action on our part, and, wow, I don't know about you, but I am already maxed with plenty to try and "do", fit in, and schedule. So instead, try to pick 1 word to describe yourself and try to "be" that word and the rest will follow.

I'm all about change and improvements, becoming newer and better, but haven't made a new year's resolution in .......years. (secretly for a brief few moment I considered forgoing coffee. Gasp. A failed resolution for sure) But I have tried the one word approach. And 2 days prior to 1/1/11 came up with my word. I am not sharing it right now, but so far so good. One word is easy to focus on and easy to self correct if you find yourself derailed. The idea is to be that word and the rest will fall into place easily.

I have had to lean on my word a lot lately as I have decided to undertake more than usual this year. With the kids a bit older, and several years of laying pretty low in triathlon, I have the bug to get serious again. Yes...that bug bit me in the bum. So I need my one word to keep me "real" as I try to become a closer version of my former triathlon self from years prior as well as manage all that I currently do, some. Yea, I also decided to increase my hours at Cosport to help fix more of the injured. So as you can see, eliminating coffee is not really an option.

Come August we will see if I still like my one word as much as I do now, or you might find me sprawled out with my bike on the side of the road next to a tall cornfield, screaming at that word. Stay tuned.....

If you had to pick one word, what would it be?


Jennifer Harrison said...

Is your word, "BREATHE!?" no word is HOLD..ON! :) I read this someplace too...pick a word to focus on each year....I like this idea! I have to think about this...but BALANCE comes to my mind. :))

Angela and David said...

Pregnant! That was too easy for me.