Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick trip/Quick post

This week I was supposed to be in Death Valley coaching athletes and getting a little bit of my own training in. However, I found out a week ago that my Dad has MS. It comes as a shock, for sure. My Dad has been the one person who has always, no matter what encouraged me to dream big and chase it. "No dream is to big!" he said to me numerous times. When my races tanked, he is the one who could set me straight again. I chose to take some of the already scheduled time off and make a quick trip home to Portland to take my own little assesment of what is going on, see what was up and make sure steps were being taken to manage his symptoms.

While there, I was able to get a few hilly running and riding in. I always love training in the foothills of Mt. Hood.
I climbed over the hill and rode along the river farther than I have, deeper into national forest.

I was frozen, dressed more for 60 deg vs. a damp 45, but loving every moment. I am still amazed I used to live in such a place and took it for granted, coming back makes me appreciate it so much more. I didn't get nearly the training in that I would have if I'd gone to DV, but I cheered myself up by saying its early Feb, and I'll be less trashed come Sept. and at least I wasn't back in the snowy 10 deg. temps that Chicago had.

I learned a lot about my Dad's symptoms and how he can manage them. One way is diet. He has been following a strict Paleo style diet (actually called MS recovery diet) and has felt better with diminished symptoms at times. I have to admit to having a little anxiety in the chance that there is some genetic component to this. After doing some research and reading I have decided to try the Paleo diet for athletes. I am attempting this for my overall long term health more than for athletic performance. So if I get the added bonus of racing faster then hot damn. I luckily have had a happy stomach in at least 95% of my races, don't have a sweet tooth and for the most part happy with my body when it comes to race nutrition. I love my bagel with PB, and Spaghetti for dinner. I am busy. Fitting in workouts can be challenging, so trust me adding "Top Chef" to my already extensive resume by adding chopping and cooking to the list, isn't something I'm dying to do. I don't have time to shop organic, chop, cut and eat whole but, when overall long term health is concerned I'm game to try at least to see if the effort is worth it.

At least I like shopping at Trader Joes.


Damie said...

I am sorry to hear that about your dad. He seems like a strong man that is already planning to face it head on. Good luck with the paleo! Let us know how is goes, for you and your dad. xo

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I was wondering what was going on. Hope he is OK - HE WILL BE - he's strong! Good luck with are a braver woman than I am!

CoachFreeb said...

Well, we really loved having you 'check up' on me but it was much too short. You forgot to post up the pic of you under the diadora, which, of course, was the real reason for the visit - to garner all that Good Luck for rockin the world in 2012. You'll have to explain.....
Luv U!

CoachFreeb said...

One more thing . . . tonight we had stir fry made with a PKG of already cut up fresh organic veges picked up at Fred Meyer. No mess, no fuss, very good. There has to be someone there on Randall Rd that sells it like this.