Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maximum Overdrive

I usually do a better job at keeping up with writing something of relevance on this blog. Even this has been mostly written for a few days, but never finished. This spring has kept me moving at full speed ahead. I actually used to sit and read many more blogs than I do now, but I can’t even keep up with that. I have so many new Wattie friends to stalk (I mean read up on) but I can’t even get through reading all my emails on most days.

Coming home from vacation I was staring at about 5 weeks left of training until St. Croix, finishing up my last few weeks at Cosport and getting ready to start my new adventure in physical therapy, wrapping up other fun projects (which I can’t wait to share!!) along with many fun presents showing up reminding me race season is near.


Oh yea, to top it off, I had several trips to THE BIKE SHOP to get my new bike…Scotty P the II.

my new boyfriend Scotty PII

the perfect fit

I’ve already spent a good number of quality bonding hours with him. While getting ready for our first date, I was feeling so pro playing bike mechanic putting on the new Challenge Tires, and hooking up my power tap, all by my big girl self so I could roll out the next morning for a big brick. Ride time came the next morning and I realized I put the cradle for the power tap on backwards but didn’t want to, or have time to fix it, so I did my brick staring at the numbers upside down! Good news is that the tires held, the power worked and my first smashfest with Scotty P was a success.

My coach, Scott Iott, has really poured on the training. Sometimes I look at whats there and wonder....How? Not only just completing it, but usually how am I going to fit this in amongst … life. I feel myself getting fit because I am recovering better between workouts and able to get through the next hard session. My pull ups are coming back,

full body weight pull up PR bar

and I am hitting the times I want on tired legs. I don’t have tons of time, so luckily for me I respond better to quality vs. quantity. Lots of hard work has left me sore, crawling up stair and I recently found my way to my first ice bath of the year!

Next week I start my new job at Advanced Physical Medicine. With that comes, a new schedule, new people, a little more independence, a commute, and new challenges. Leaving a place you’ve worked for umpteen years is bittersweet but a new chance to move forward with my career is too hard to pass up.

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Damie said...

Good luck with the new job! I hope it become a good one for you. You have lots going on!!!!!