Monday, January 21, 2013

What Weekend?...

Every year TBC has an annual coaches meeting. We get together with the other TBC coaches from across the country to share ideas, learn the latest and greatest, do some updating, planning and brainstorm with some of the best coaches around including the founder of Trainingbible, Joe Friel!  Last year we were lucky enough to have the meeting in sunny warm San Diego, this year, not so lucky. …..a cold January Chicago weekend. Travel was minimal, but I could have really used the warm sun to help speed my recovery from the nasty flu. Fitting in workouts and the kid’s activities around a weekends worth of meetings is always challenging and stressful, but somehow we managed to keep it together, the house is still standing in 1 piece.

These 2 managed to fit in their long brick, and watch NFL and heat up the basement

There is always so much great information from the meetings, and walk away with some really great stuff to work with into the coming year.  TBC has some exciting new things in the works that I can’t wait to see get released. There were great talks from Joe and Dr. Post as usual, but this year we learned about bike racing strategies from Rob Kelley, coaching juniors from Chris Palmquist and a very fun talk by Joe Lotus on the athlete’s perspective. …..the brutal truth on what the athletes think of their coaches! 
Joe likes to talk

 And, I never get tired of hearing Ryan Bolton talk about coaching his Kenyan runners. Did you know his athlete Caroline Rotich was 4th at the 2011 Boston Marathon, and 5th at 2012 Chicago Marathon? 
stealing some run speed

  And as always Jim Vance shared the latest on social media tips, ideas  to save time or help with coaching. I am time crunched, and not the best with technology and Jim always has a new idea app or device I've never heard of to help make life easier.

The best part of the whole weekend  though is hanging out with a great group of friends/coaches who are all crazy smart and have so much to offer to Trainingbible.  Each coach has a unique specialty and background that adds  to making TBC so fabulous.

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