Wednesday, July 10, 2013

short summer update

Lots of summer has happened since Ragnar. 

I have been working on my post about bike favorites but have gotten busy,....riding my bike.

Scotty P and I have been spending some great time together including a big training weekend in Wisconsin on the Madison course and Horribly Hundreds course the next day.

Scotty P and friends resting

I 've seen a lot of this lately, 

and am thankful for this.

smooth ride

Truly I am just happy to be training hard right now. It was this point in the season last year things got ugly, and then went from ugly to worse with a very screwed up hip.  Ending my triathlon and CX season.   I took things pretty easy for a good chunk of time following NOLA leading to some gross efforts in races and key workouts, but Vegas is the goal and making it there healthy fit and ready to race this time. 

And thanks to fellow Wattie teammate Aaron D. who made these banners for the team.  I get bored easily so this is a fun change to the blog.

Remember to stretch and keep your butt strong, so you can race and train hard.

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GoBigGreen said...

Ha ! I love that:) I even tell my 80 Yo's " Glutes glutes glutes!"