Thursday, July 10, 2014

More, Randomness

I have been debating whether it was worth keeping this blog going. I am busy, I don't race or train like my old normal, so there are no fancy race reports. It takes time to write and most of the time I think who really cares.  But just when I think about shutting it down, I get a message from someone about what they've read and it helps them or motivates them and weirdly enough that has happened twice just this week. Its also a nice distraction from what I really should  be doing like setting up online bill pay to make my life easier, or stretching and foam rolling like I preach a million times a day.  I started this blog years ago for the athletes I coached, the injured athletes I work with or any mom or person trying to balance  family, work,  training and racing (pick your order of importance).   A lot of the posts turned into actual stories that became part of a book I was so lucky to be a part of contributing to. And,  we still get messages from people across the country who have read the book.  Maybe some of this lately will turn into another book down the road. There's definite potential for a sequel. 

So here goes for now, complete randomness!

I have been so busy at work, and am smiling because have helped lots of runners/ athletes get back on the road; I have a very full schedule and am "being efficient" at work,  but at same time managed to send Jack off to the wrong week of a summer camp. Whoops I swear I changed that registration. 

I can change the propane on the grill without blowing up the house, add salt to the water softener, ( I count this as a workout these days), and fix the garage door opener
but have driven past the turn to my subdivision more than once lately, and most days forget at least 1 thing I am supposed to take with me when i leave the house.

I think there is a birds nest at the top of my chimney. Need to do some investigating on this one.

I can get up get my workout in, and get out the door looking sort of professional, but haven't  sat still long enough to see  ANY of the Tour yet, and even though we were able to see the World Cup action at work thanks to Telemundo, they aren't showing the Tour.
I must try to catch some,  because fit cyclists on their bike in spandex leaves you with a good visual for the day.

My work schedule changed again at the start of summer, to be ……"more efficient" (i'll keep my comments about healthcare these days to myself). If I am not up working out by 5:30 or 6 in the morning it won't happen. There is NO time after work, M-Th. If there is,  I'm fairly worthless.   I still like to train and race so, I get up and do it. The good part about this is I have seen some amazing sunrises and there is no traffic on the roads when I'm out biking!  Lately, I am trying to get to the pool more than 1 x month.  My new team Betty suits and the outdoor pool make it so much more fun. 

My randomness must be driving Jenny crazy when it comes to writing workouts. But have stressed I have no big triathlon agenda.  I have more than once signed up for races last minute to include attempting an xterra that was epic failure because I crashed so hard descending the bars jarred loose and i looked like I was run over by a car. But I loved it and want to do it again.

For the 4th I ran a 5k in the morning and hung out with JH. She crushed the 10k and I raced some young teenagers in the 5k. My PR for the week was on the track, though. Despite all my randomness I ran as good as I almost just about ever have on the track at my 40-something age! But,  because of my 40 somethingness  2 days later I felt like a locomotive at the 5k. It was hilly which added to the joy, but it was a start to an amazingly fun and random weekend.  

I found myself on a boat the next day in Lake Michigan with the city in the background and a group of very fun friends.  The water was way to cold to swim, but I did jump in, and afterward dancing in the streets to 90s rap music at a street festival. 

I miss the mountains from home, but this was a very fun day in the city.

I'm finding randomness is ok. I am still working out, but having a lot of fun too. Not having my summer focus on getting myself ready for Vegas or a World Champs leaves more time for fun. 

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