Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Good Luck to my athletes Kristi and Miguel doing Ralph's 70.3 this weekend!!!! Race season is officially here and its time to let all that hard winter work pay off. Those indoor long rides and cold dark runs will be worth it when you cross the finish line!

This is the first race of the season for many, and for some a first 1/2 IM ever! You can never get back that feeling of a "first"! That feeling of finishing your first triathlon ever, or finishing your first marathon, first 1/2 IM and then yes, your first Ironman. That is an experience and feeling you can never get back. Running down the finish at my first IM in FL, I had a smile on my face so big it erased the pain and fatigue away (yea almost like having a baby). Its a moment stuck in my brain that still makes me smile. After that, then there is more pressure, and nerves to improve, PR, ....go faster!! Race hard, and enjoy!

First races of the season are exciting too because there is so much motivation and excitement to finally be racing and to see where that winter training has gotten you. It sets a standard to see where your early season fitness really is, and can take you one step closer to your goals.

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