Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I did it.

I broke down and started a this blog. At first I was apprehensive, because I don't expect anyone to want to hear about the ramblings of my daily adventures in multitasking, but I have had several requests and with some nudging by athletes I realized it can be a great way to communicate information to the athletes I coach, fellow coaches, friends etc. For some time I have sent athlete updates to my athletes with training tips, comments and who is doing what with little race reports, and mostly.....lots of motivation to keep everyone going especially through this winter that won't end. This will be an easier way to share this information as well as allow athletes to comment to each other,plus make it a little more fun and interesting. This has been a process, I set out to start this in Jan, but with the growth of my duties with Trainingbible, my work at Cosport, coaching....oh yea and being a Mom, and wife to my super triathlete husband Adam, and training got put aside. But with the start of the tri season quickly approaching I thought I should get this going.

Now it is just about officially spring. I love/hate spring at the same time. It means the new tri season is just around the corner, which as an athlete I love because workouts start to get more intense, and we get nice tastes of warmer weather, races get closer; but in Chicago the weather will play games with you. After this winter, I just want it to be nice......permanently. I want to ride outside, and run without a million layers. Soon, several of my athletes who have been working sooooo hard this winter will be getting ready to race their first tri's of the season. I have Meg who is doing IM Arizona along with many other local athletes. Talk about dedication! Training for an IM in Chicago through the dark cold winter! Noooo thanks, I like it HOT, but she has done the work and it showed at our training camp in Tuscon as she was biking incredibly!!! Racing that IM outdoors will seem easy in the warm sun, compared to trainer rides and bundled up long runs with frozen gu!

So bring on spring and bring on warmer weather, tough training and racing ! Good luck to all my athletes, and friends this season!


meghan said...
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meghan said...

Hey Lindsay,
Great blog-I am excited to keep reading!

carmen said...

Indeed,you did it Lindsay! Your blog looks great!And...the three "graces" in the "new age" picture rival any classic painting ;-))
Thank you for all the good work!You are most enthusiastic, encouraging,helpful,inspiring,
Quite the coach! And last but not least the athlete!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog! Congratulations on a strong effort. Thanks for all your help ... looking forward to a productive summer.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Welcome to blog land, Lindsay! Oh, fun fun fun!!! :) I will read! Jen H.