Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Lady Shoes

I had to bring out the Big Lady shoes and strap them on today...several times.

There were neighborhood issues spinning out of the 10 inches of rain in 1 day we received here in Bumbleburn over the weekend. We did not get water in our basement thankfully but, the retention ponds were backed up apparently 6 ft. higher than normal and causing havoc with some of the sump pumps in our neighborhood. We have nosey neighbors with too much time on their hands that worked themselves into a tizzy. (The things people obsess about when they have too much free time, really it amazes me.)I came home and wasn't even out of my car when the guy with a beer in his hand who never is nice or says hi, demands to come check our basement because with the water backing up he doesn't belive me when I said our basement is fine. Mind you not...they had rang (wrung?) my doorbell this morning saying the same thing! I am not a confrontational person, but I put on my big sassy shoes and said.."No you may not come take a look and I'm letting the professionals handle the situation." Meanwhile my groceries (yes,...more!) were spilling out of the back of our SUV because I hadn't even had a chance to get in the door before they came intruding over!!!

All this...while trying on my day off to be super organized and get things ready for my big trip to Portland for Nationals. It never fails....weird and strange things like this happen when trying to get ready to leave for a trip and husband is traveling for work.

My bike of course wasn't shifting right...after I had spent the better part of a day taking it to be tuned up last week. I have no spare time to make another trip to get it worked on, so I fiddle with the barrel myself like I've been shown and yes... it is shifting like a dream now! And, the bike is packed and ready to go tonight. Yep, I can take apart my bike, pack it and put it back together. I get pretty greasy and messy, but it takes me 30 min or less now, where in the early days I needed help from Rich Ducar of the Bike Shop, or it took an hour or more!!!

So, in 2 days I leave for Nationals in Portland. I'll really need the Big Bad A$% Lady shoes this weekend. I packed them too. Age group Nationals is always very competitive, and it happens to be on a really tough, but super fun course. I am from Oregon, love it and am excited to race there. Its been a long haul getting here, with injury and a different kind of season but I am ready and looking to end the season at such a cool place and event.

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