Sunday, September 28, 2008

Off Season


I am officially slamming the door on the 2008 season. Done with it. I want to rid of it and flush it away and move on. So, I posted a few favorite pics from Nationals to finish it off. I had a great spot in transition, last rack and near end of rack at the bike out. I guess since the 40 yr olds went nearly last they gave us a good spot! The course in Oregon is beautiful and the run pic shows an uphill section and how green the trees are. Then there is the pic of my "manager" helping me back to the car! :)

Its been 1 week since the race and I am in full off season/ vacation mode. There was no working out unless you count:

* 1 walk around a forest preserve with Lucy, our golden
* 1 teaching of core strength class to MSM kids team (even then I only demonstrated) * 1 run, very it was more of a jog, again with Lucy, my current training partner. The IRONMAN met up with us, but he is so fit and focused right now he was gone in a flash.

Its been nice to relax, but wow. It is amazing how much more time there is to do things when you're not training umpteen hours a day. I actually sat still and read a book, something rare unless I'm on confined to an airplane. I also drug out all the Halloween stuff, and then still had say what? When you're used to cramming it all in and going at mock speed to fit it all in it always feels like there should be more. I had to remind myself its ok to chill. This will get old though, and I'm searching out things to keep me busy, and not turn into a frumpy fatty. I'm not a golfer, not enough patience. I have thrown golf clubs before in frustration. That is not relaxing! I used to want to rock climb......even went to the rock climbing (what do you say, gym? club? studio?, indoor rock?) in Naperville to try it out a few years ago. Somewhere there is a picture of me upside down hanging from a rock. However, I need convenience, ...there really aren't too many rocks to climb without driving 2 hrs north to Wisconsin. Surfing. Yes. I have taken lessons and loved it. But again, unless its really windy on Lake Michigan with some big chop, its not going to happen. So I'm still searching.

For now though I will be starting my Kona prep this week. I'm probably the only athlete starting their Kona prep just a few short days before leaving for the big Island. My prep involves, getting everything squared away at home to pack up and leave for a week. Child, dog, laundry bills all caught up. 1 birthday party to plan for Kaitlin's 6th. I need to make sure I have enough bikini's to pack, flip flops, sunscreen, cute shorts and t-shirts, comfy shoes for cheering race day,and beach towel. Check in to surfing lessons, or at least boogie board, and camera battery charged, decide on taking bike or not. Not to I am on vacation!, but to tool around esp. out on the run course race day. Its a lot of work, good thing I am well rested!

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