Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eunice B. Rife

My Grandma had a massive stroke on Sunday. She is a Grandma like no other. She will be 92 on Oct 8th, and has lived independently, still driving, still running the driving mower, hanging her clothes out on the line to dry,carrying wood in to the wood stove, you get the idea. She really has been in excellent health for her entire life.

She has a long road of rehab ahead of her but, she is still sharp as a tack and determined to take on this "challenge" as she calls it. Now I see where I get some of my stubbornness, and will to keep training and racing all these years. She was a PE and health teacher and always active. And, she took a huge nasty fall, during the stroke, and landed on the side of her head. The bruise covered her entire face and both eyes. However she didn't break a bone and that to me has to do with her health and bones can stay strong with weight bearing exercise. In fact, I don't' think she has ever had a broken bone. She still road a bike to the garden in her 80s.

This weekend I'll be packing up for Kona. We leave Monday. Adam did find some surfing lessons for me! and I'm going to buy a beater bike at Walmart to cruise around on. Its still cheaper than paying the airfare to get my bike over there. I'll donate to someone or leave it at our condo when we're done. I haven't trained nearly at all. I had intentions to run some, but I have been so busy and crazy with a trip to ohio and back that I decided to rest some more. I'll do a good amount of running on the island!

In the meantime GOOD LUCK to Carmen and John doing St. George Marathon Saturday, To Andy W on his second weekend of the fall fling/ bike racing, and of course to Adam, the IRONMAN racing in Kona next weekend all have worked so hard all year for these races.

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