Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reality Check

We are back home now after safe and uncomplicated travel. We stepped of the plane Tues morning at 5 a.m. and it was cool and the leaves had changed dramatically in just 1 week. As I stepped off the plane, and left the island life behind, it was like being in a fog or coming out of a dream right back into reality. Traffic, lots of people always busy and in a hurry, laundry, work, schedule etc. You know, normal life that the island escape let me escape and forget for awhile.

Reality is: the stack of mail you pick up at the post office that was held for you and seeing it is either bills or wasted paper for the recycling

Reality is: having to find fleece to wear instead of tanks, shorts and flip flops

Reality is: a stack of dictation and paperwork at the clinic waiting for you

Reality is: forgetting your 5 year olds homework at home

Reality is: hearing people say they have already started Christmas shopping

Reality is: feeling stiff and achy even when you've been barely training

Reality is: realizing you have no goals or races really planned for 2009

Typically this time of year, I have all 2009 goals and races set and thought out. It is strange not having that and feels a bit unusual. I do admit to feeling a little lost and definitely felt a little incomplete on the island of tri-gods during super week without any kind of big goal for 2009. I am sticking to my vacation from competitive triathlon for awhile or at least having triathlon as my main focus. But I realize I am someone who needs and likes having a goal. Just getting into and through PT school was a huge goal for a lot of years. My new goal and focus will be simpler and likely involve mostly just running races. That being said, I am signed up for Triple T ( a 3 day team triathlon race) however, that is just a crazy event completely out of the norm so falls into my category of being ok. I feel myself every now and then falling back into the "I need to do this race, I need to get back to the pool etc" But keep reminding myself that some different type of goals and races are good. Good for motivation, good for change, and good for keeping things simple and balanced. Kona is full of middle aged moms with multiple kids who do Ironman after Ironman and Kona after Kona, year after year and I honestly don't know how they do it. More power to them, but I realized this year that a change is needed and am looking forward to a new kind of reality.

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