Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We had a great time yesterday, I was a bit jet lagged by the afternoon, and can't seem to sleep past 3:30 in the morning but we are adjusting to island time! The good news is that it wont be a problem to wake up race morning.

Yesterday we headed to the pier, the racers were swimming, but Diana and I decided to go sea kayaking! And we had the best sup rise ever out in the ocean. We came upon a pod (i think that's what it is) of dolphins. There were at least 20, maybe more just showing off. Some were dolphin diving with their babies, and some were jumping high into the air and spinning vertically. I am so mad i didn't have my camera out in the boat with us, but it was the most amazing thing!! They just swam around us , and we were so close to them!! At first seeing a dark fin stick out of the water, i'll admit I was a little nervous!!!

I purchased the Wal mart special..."Nitro" green machine bike! Apparently in Hawaii if you have a bike with wheels larger than 18 inches you have to have a license, so I am legal now to ride a bike in Hawaii with a 15 $ purchase for a license!!! This will help get me to the beach, coffee shops, and of course out onto the Queen K on Saturday to cheer everyone on!

We ate breakfast at the famous Lava Java....many pro's in site. I am not star struck by the pro's anymore. Yes, there was a day, but they are athletes just like us, but faster! Adam has been coaching Craig McKenzie, a pro from Australia. I think he was 2nd at IM Louisville last year, and maybe WEstern Aus. IM this year.? He is here to race and is a really nice guy with a sweet wife and 4 month old baby boy! We are hoping he has a good on Saturday!

The looks on their faces are getting a little more serious, a little quieter at times. But so far everyone is in good spirits, healthy, and bikes working nicely! I'm off to go for a run.

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