Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race Day

Cheering for an Ironman is like a race in itself, but you feel pretty pathetic whining about tired feet, being thirsty, or too hot; those thoughts you really keep to yourself considering what your Iroman athletes are going through.

My day started early. I road my nifty green nitro bike down to the swim start. Of course it was pitch black along Alii Dr. so navigating around cars and athletes made it interesting. After wishing Adam well, we found a spot on the sea wall to watch the swim. The waves were crashing around us and so we got pretty wet while waiting for the start.

Once the swimmers were on their way, we made our way to the top of Palani to see them start out on the bike. This is good sized hill, and early in the race everyone was looking good. We screamed and yelled hoping they'd hear us because after heading out of town its a long ride out through the lava without much to look at or see for the next 4-5 hrs.

It was going to be a long, hot day, so we found a nice spot to hang out, have some coffee. We parked it at an outside cafe facing the ocean, and once again saw the dolphins playing, jumping and swimming. We've seen them every day!!! I think they like showing off. Being hot and a little nervous for the athletes made it hard to want to eat, but this was our time to re-fuel, because then the real cheering would begin. We decided to watch the runners start out on Kuakini Hwy. This is an out and back section somewhere near mile 1 and 9, I think. At this spot, there was no shade, and the asphalt was heating up. It was very hot here but we got to see everyone heading out, and then coming back by before making it out onto the Queen K Hwy. Good thing I haven't lost all my fitness, because after seeing Adam go by, I decided to beat Adam to the top of Palani, to cheer him up the hill. So I sprinted that Green Nitro mtn bike that doesn't shift, without being clipped in to the top. I made it there in time, but was out of breath, so I don't know if the cheering did much good. I did beat some buy on a road bike to the top though!!! I was able to ride a long the Queen K for much of the rest of the run, riding ahead and cheering for all those I knew. It got tough for them but everyone did great. Adam finished strong after not feeling well for a section. I was so relieved to see him cross the finish line. It gets so ugly out there as the day wears on, and when you see how much time and effort goes into preparing for a race like this you just want things to go well.

My race wasn't done though. My jog then to be the number one Iron wife was to get food, retrieve bike and gear bags, and order McDonalds!!!

Congratulations to everyone who raced. It was a fun day!


CoachFreeb said...

Mom wants to see a pic of you and teh green bike!


carmen said...
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carmen said...

Hip...hip hurrah! For Adam and for the "ironwives"! It seems as if you indeed ran another race! Yes, more pictures! The bike sounds like a hoot!