Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets Race Already!

Meal of a Champ

Meeting of the Minds

The bikes and bags are checked the bottles are filled, the training is done, the numbers are on. We have waited around, rested and its finally time to race!

We cooked dinner in last night to avoid the chaos and mayhem in town. My guess is everyone on the island would want pasta for a pre-race dinner so I decided to cook a meal for champions. Keith Dickson and his friend Mark Ward came over to offer their 2 cents on a race plan. We've talked about wind and heat every day. My guess is it will be hot and windy, so just go race and stop thinking!

I will be out trying to cover as much of the course as possible to cheer them on.
Adam is number 1474, Rodney is #623, and Craig is #67. Check them out on

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