Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working It....

Yea/ there is an IM pin on my lab coat

We had another clinic this past weekend. This time, for coaches. The weekend included some education and team building for TBC coaches from across the country. We spent the weekend learning some great stuff and hearing some excellent speakers. Thanks to Cheryl Hart and Joe Friel and the other speakers who gave some great talks. We also met some new coaches and additions to TBC making it fun and informative. There are some really smart and motivating people working with TBC now and its fun to hear everyone’s ideas and share knowledge. New to TBC is Dr. Post, he is a retired Orthopedic surgeon, (yes!) and multiple Hawaii Ironman finisher. He scored big points with me at masters swim Saturday morning, because he told me I have a nice even swim stroke, and good form. Of course this made my day, but my jaw did drop. I usually don’t get compliments on my swimming!

My brain is usually spinning with ideas after these types of weekends, then Mon. morning comes around and I am off to the “day” job. I haven’t been a great blogger lately mostly for this reason. My brain is so full of so much of whats been going on, that there is actually nothing to say……if that makes any sense! Jan and Feb have been very full with work. It seems I have taken continuing ed. for PT (the Mulligan technique!), or coaching, or working clinics, every other weekend, on top of working through the week. Sometimes I feel I could be a better coach if I just coached, other times…….I think I’d be a better PT if I were just a PT, better mom if I were just a mom etc….etc.

But as I went to work on Monday, I was looking forward to seeing my patients and helping them rehab. It is very rewarding to see someone who comes in on crutches or walker, walk or run out the door!! When I work on schedules for clients, I have a fresh brain and different perspective when it comes time to write the workouts, and love coming up with great workouts and killer training weeks.

I realized after this weekend that what I like most about what I do, is that I can do both.

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Jennifer Harrison said...

It is tough isn't it? UGH....but you are a GREAT PT...I can speak from experience after I delivered the twins. So, Keep up the good work all around! :)