Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indoor Training

Its no secret we've had a winter to remember and I have spent more time than I'd like to admit on the treadmill, trainer and doing indoor workouts. February is coming to an end and March in most places means the start of spring. In Chicago, it can still mean another month of winter like weather. In 12 days (who's counting!) I'll be heading to Tuscon for the Trainingbible Camp and I've been wondering if all those indoor training rides and runs will get me through the roads of AZ. So I've to take a look at the benefits and positives of indoor training. Some scientific and some field tested

1. No need for layers and layers of warm weather gear....actually helps you run faster, because you aren't bogged down, not to mention less time getting ready for the workout.

2. Better foot speed (something I've been working on ) on the treadmill vs. plodding through snow, ice and slush with cold frozen muscles

3. Quicker transitions if your doing a brick

4. On the trainer you are never coasting, waiting for traffic or red lights, (unless you are slacking)

5. If you've had too much a.m coffee chased then with infinit, and water, a bathroom is always near by

6. The environment is controlled, so if the workout calls for putting out "x" effort, pace or watts, you don't have to worry about the wind, sleet, snow, or car turning in front of you interfering with the workout or slowing you down

7. For some, time to catch up on a movie/ tv. show, or the latest gossip (if at a group session). Truth be told I never have the tv on when on the trainer, or treadmill, not sure why but I can't focus. However I do catch up on the latest news at the MSM club trainer rides.

8. You are safe if you start to bonk, because more food, fuel is always close by.

9. Heat acclimitization is easier to accomplish indoors, vs. out in 10 deg temps if an early season warm weather race is on the schedule

10. Quality vs, quantity

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Hopefully we'll run into one another down in tucson that weekend. Have fun!! (and enjoy your bday soon in the sun)...AND NO TV? Oh, seriously? I didn't realize that. you ARE nuts. I can not imagine! 3 hours w/o a TV? AHHHHH. HA!