Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday present!

My early birthday present was a 60 deg day on last Friday (a day that I do not work at the clinic, and quite frankly the best gift of all. I decided to do my weekend long ride on Friday vs. Sat so I could ride outside and what a present it was! The workout was supposed to be a hilly ride. HaHa ha my coach lives in AUS and I don't know if he realizes how flat it is where I live and train. However, the wind is forever present this time of year so switching some gears around and taking a zig zag route turned a 3 hr ride through the cornfields of Illinois into a "hilly ride" of course finishing at Campton and Town hall hills close to home at the end of the ride topped it off. It was great to be outdoors and trying to remember how to hold a bike upright vs. on the trainer. 3 hrs went by like nothing!

I turned 41 on Sunday. Very un-eventful as we have been gearing up for the Tuscon Camp. I leave Wed and am excited to meet some new trainingbible athletes and endure a camp with a highly accomplished group. There are more pro level athletes at this year's camp than in years past so I might be getting my butt woooooped a little but it will be good for me :) I am looking forward to riding my BMC road bike that has been waiting for me in Papa Joel Zucco's garage, Gates Pass, Mt. Lemmon, the 3 mile uphill climb to end......everything a Joel's house, sun, the outdoor awesome lap pool with an amazing view, not having to dress in multiple layers to workout, sun, Mexican food, and sun!

Jack is in swimming lessons and loves it. I wish I looked like him every time I went for a swim workout. I do love swimming masters and with the MSM kids team (OUCH!)......but getting a swim workout done by myself anymore.....that's my limiter. I admit. I hate, swimming by myself anymore. There was a day I could push myself in the water alone. Maybe I did it too many times. AND, I pretty much workout solo biking and running and can push myself HARD to the point of near puke.....swimming is another story. Everyone has their weakness, this is mine. Maybe I'll remember this picture of Jack the next time I need to go get a swim in by myself!

Check back for Tuscon updates

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CoachFreeb said...

Love the pic.
Have FUN in AZ
C U nxt wk.