Friday, March 13, 2009


I left Chicago on Wed morning during a 25 deg free fall of temperatures from 60 to like 20 amist 40 mph winds. I was a bit worried my flight might be delayed due to high winds and I just couldn't wait to get to the desert! No delays, and a breezing through the airport (I guess due to poor economy the airport seemed deserted at 9:00 am on Wed) I was on my way to the land of sun, and some great training. I stepped off the plane, got the rental car and waited an hour or so for super biker Rob Kelly to catch a ride to the house. (BTW, I have seen Rob do single leg drills on rollers !) Of course I waited out in the parking lot in the warm sun with a huge smile on my face. We were able to hurry back in time to fit in an easy ride to work out the kinks and make sure the bikes are working, while Adam and the rest of the housemates were finishing up some type of major Workout day.

Yesterday we woke up, and met the rest of the campers. We started with a great swim session thanks to Jim Vance. We practiced some fun in water starts in a pack, turns and he tweaked my swim stroke a little.....! yea it feels faster :) AFter lunch, we jumped on our bikes and did a nice ride around Gates Pass. I actually was warm, esp. going up the steep climb (this year I remembered to make sure I was not in the big chain ring. 2 yrs ago I was so focused on climbing I thought I had shifted out to the small, but hadn;t and climbed it in the big chain. There are some really great athletes here. Very talented and fun. Yesterday finished with a shopping spree at Trisports, and a talk with Joe Friel. I after yesterday I have the whitest hiding where I having been training all winter.

Up today.....MT LEMMON!!!! roughly a 27 mile climb up. I love it. We plan to stagger start and "race" to the top!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you had fun in sunny Tucson!! We didn't see you guys, but ran into Danny D, Meg M and JV....what a great training week, eh? :)