Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playing catch up

I stepped off the plane at Ohare at the end of my Tuscon Training trip and found myself immediately back into suburban mom hyper drive complete with a strong dose of reality. Thankfully the weather was welcoming, but the transition from full time triathlete (sprinkled with a little coaching) for a few days back to real life was sharp and quick.

The Tuscon Camp was a success I found myself doing more this year as an athlete than in years past which was a nice change. It felt to be coached some instead of doing the coaching. The group was strong, and hard working, and quite serious. I think I started the camp with some decent fitness, maybe not as strong as last year, but last year I was heading into early 1/2 IMs. However I think this year I did more hard workouts total than in years past. Highlights of the camp included:

1. riding outside daily through the desert to include Gates pass twice and Mt. Lemmon; thanks to Carla for good indoor sessions this winter I felt strong!
2. a coached track workout yes, on the track with a fast group after 3 days of riding and climbing. OUCH, get those legs moving. I have to say it was a shock to the system especially trying to keep up with a fast group in major build mode for some upcoming races that are getting very near.
3. Mexican dinner with the MSM club. My social friends! I can be as serious as the best of them, but couldn't pass up some fun. I heard all kinds of great stories and I was laughing the entire night hearing everyone's recap about how the camp and training was going
4. Swimming outside with the sun setting over the mountains; I could get used to that.

The days were filled with waking up training, eating, training and eating again. Then sleep; get up and repeat. It was fun and a great way to kick it into shape, but quite a contrast to how it really goes for me. Back home this week I had waiting for me stacks of bills, some unfinished schedules, work Monday morning, a sick kid with the flu which started Thurs at 2:30 a.m, some sore muscles, empty cupboards and boatloads of laundry, Thursday night coaching, and my constant feeling of squeezing in workouts. My parents are here visiting which is a huge help. Mom, Dad, want to move closer? I think I now have my head above water again, and this afternoon actually had a chance to sit in the sun while the kids played at the park and catch my breath.

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