Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mile Markers

Sometimes when I do race or workout the mile markers can just fly by. Before you know it the next one is there and they are just ticking away. Of course when things are feeling good, and everything is in check things can click and the miles will fly by. This happened at Memphis on the bike and run for me. I couldn't believe it when I was already rounding the corner to transition, and on the run mile 3 came before I knew it. I did fade over the last 1.5 miles and that section seemed like 3 miles.

There are times though, when the opposite happens. Those miles markers.....where are they? Surely they must be off, or maybe the course isn't marked? Why is it taking so long. The very next week I did the Fox Trot 5k. Just a 5k! and because my legs were flat and not cooperating while my mind and will was trying to make myself go and go fast...those mile markers seemed a million miles apart because my feet felt like they were stuck to the pavement. Even in just a little 5k!

Mile markers can be other milestones in the sport like:

finishing your first triathlon ever, or
finishing your first Ironman ever,
getting your first real racing bike,
breaking 10 hrs in an Iroman
changing your own flat tire
qualifying for worlds
breaking a 5 min mile (hooray to Adam, he did this on the track this week)
actually completing every workout on the schedule
overcoming an injury

Sometimes it seems like it may take for ever to get to that mile marker, but patience and perseverance will get you there. must do the work, believe, keep going after it even when it hurts, or your feet are stuck to the pavement. These things don't come easy. No magic workout, no magic techy training device, wonder shoe, will get you to that marker. Just patience, work and perseverance. Simply, nothing comes easy. If it does...pick something bigger to shoot for!

This week Jack turned 6 and graduated from kindergarten. That was a big mile marker for me (him too of course). Little does he know he is entering real school with more homework, tests, grades etc. fewer parties. There are times when he was 2 and testing my patience it never seemed he would get potty trained or be able to tie his shoes. Other times, I can't believe he is 6, and going on to first grade. No more little school with a door code, locked doors and mom walking you all the way in all nice and safe. Now he tells me, (mom...I can do it myself) We've made it through getting potty trained, tieing our own shoes, dressing ourselves, counting to 100 and many more. But,, there are more to come...learning to drive (yikes) this mile marker can take its time!

I have to say awesome job to a couple clients who completed Triple T. Di and her teammate did awesome finished and had tons of fun a long the way. And, TK, I am so happy for overcame a lot to get through the 3 races and finished smiling!

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