Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm definitely not your typical mom, but like it that way.

Multi-sport Mom, and coach

Ironmaiden mom-wife of super star Ironman

I am mom of Jack and step mom to Kaitlin

Here are some random thoughts on my life as a mom, which isn't typical but is always exciting, adventuresome, and never dull. All I hope is that I am helping create great memories, examples and lifestyle for our kids, like I had growing up.

I was telling a newly pregnant co-worker the other day that being a mom is the absolutely best, yet challenging jobs there is. It is true. All you want is for your kids to be healthy, happy, and safe, and you spend your days making sure all their needs are met, making all kinds of sacrafices for them so hopefully they will turn out all right. Just this friday, I spent a warm Friday afternoon perfect for riding out doors, at "kinderspa" hosted by Jack's kindergarten. I was treated with cucumbers to my eyes, finger nail painting and a massage by Jack. It was timeless, seeing him try to pamper me and interact with his friends at school. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

We spent Saturday watching t-ball, and then later a gymnastics presentation. This was one of our first weekends with multiple kid events, a true glimpse of things to come. It consumed a good chunk of time Saturday, not leaving a lot of time to be an elite athlete, but it was worth every minute seeing Jack hit the ball, and make plays to first, and Kaitlin balance on the beam on do a back walk over.

I just finished reading Dara Torres' book.....about being a mom, competitive athlete, and "older athlete". Sometimes when I go to the pool, I feel like Dara Torres, (ha -only not nearly as fast in the water) I swim the the MSM kids team, and drag up the rear of the lane that is often led by kids that are 14 years old. (41-14 yrs...don't even want to know. I think Im old enough to be their mom). They swim like rock stars, but in the locker room they are giddy, giggly, and talk about boys, make up, dances, etc. I'm out the door as fast as I can, back to being a mom. Even Dara wrestles with mom-guilt that comes with training tons, and being away from her daughter.

Moms make all kinds of sacrafices for their kids and family (like driving a mini van!) I have found myself taking fewer training and triathlon trips even in the dead of winter just to help keep things stable and sane at home. Maybe its a control thing, but even though at times I'd rather be getting the heck out of here once a month, it just creates disorder and leaves me feeling out of control. I've chosen just a few trips to paradise that are worth disorder. Hawaii is one, a benefit of being an Iron-maiden and helping support the Ironman for sure.

Even though I am a mom, I still like to swim bike and run. I can still ride Colonial group ride, still like to try to go as fast as I can on the track, and still like to race. This year I have managed to find a balance that allows me to still do these things, yet be there as a mom the way I feel I should. So far it seems to be working because I'm having fun, getting in shape, but have gotten to see Jack catch his first fish, take swimming lessons, play t-ball, learn to read, learn 48/50 states at age 5! Any mom knows these things are worth the sacrafices.

Jack made a picture/ card of me. I hope my lips really aren't that big. Maybe only after riding into our viscious spring headwinds. At the bottom it says (in his writing and version of spelling) My Mom is speshl bcauos she helps me read. She allwos plas with me. I lov hr so much. She is the best mom evr.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms trying to be the best mom ever!


Jennifer Harrison said...

Great post Linds! Happy Mother's Day to you - we are SO in the same place....Jerome asked how I wanted to spend Mother's day and several years ago it would have been on MY BIKE...this year: Breakfast together (pancakes and eggs) and then time with the family! It is not easy, for sure, but we do the best and it is well beyond worth it. Keep up the good work. :)

CoachFreeb said...

Picasso has nothing on Jack!